baja doodlebug

  1. G

    Newbie questions.... doodlebug and predator 212cc

    Hey all, newbie here. never been into minibikes and engines much, but i saw a baja doodlebug at a garage sale and it was too good to pass up. i bought a 212cc predator engine from harbour freight and am planning to put it in. any advice, extra things i need to buy, etc? advice would be much...
  2. D. Sebetka

    Wanted for Baja doodlebug:

    I need long forks, front and rear axle, brakes, ape handlebar, a 34/42/52 tooth rear axle sprocket. I am trying to make this look like an old school chopper. Anything would be great. I can't find a sprocket anywhere near me.
  3. D. Sebetka

    Wanted: Baja Doodlebug forks, sissy bar, ape hanger handlebar, and seat

    Does anyone have any of these for sale for a Baja doodlebug mini bike....forks, sissy bar, ape hanger handlebar, round gas tank, and seat? I need all of these. I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have Paypal or Ebay. I currently reside in Dubuque, IA at college, main home is in Audubon, IA...
  4. D. Sebetka

    OldMiniBikes Baja Doodlebug project

    I am building a Baja doodlebug project and wanted to know if anyone has front forks for this minibike? I need one set of forks if anyone has a spare.
  5. Kingkeef25

    need help and advice asap.

    ok so i have a doodle bug with a predator 212 with pipe and muffler, air filter, and 140 e tube and 36 jet. anyways it is hitting 40mph. but i want to change the back sprocket to a smaller one to give it more top end speed. because right now it has a 12 tooth clutch with a 70 tooth back...
  6. L

    Front sprocket on briggs 5hp horizontal drive?

    I am installing a 5hp briggs horizontal driveshaft engine on a baja doodlebug frame. How do I install a front sprocket to the driveshaft. Thanks
  7. D

    MORE 97CC easy engine mods!!!!

    Hello for all of you out there who haven't just gone bigger with the engine in your bike I have good news! Today I noticed that the throttle linkage on my bug does not fully open the butterfly valve on the carb when fully engaged. so in order to fix this and run the carb completely wide open all...
  8. N

    212cc predator engine help!!!!

    hi everyone i have a baja racer mini bike(same as dirt bug and dbs) but i want to change out the stock motor cause it sucks. i was looking on harbor freight and there 212cc predator engines are only $120 not bad. 212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine - Certified for All States Except California...
  9. N

    Wanted:5-7hp engine w/ clutch

    hi im looking for a engine with a clutch for a baja racer(same as dirt bug and old db's). engine and clutch must be working good and engine must start in 1-3 pulls(may give exceptions). i live in crystal lake,IL (45 mins to a hour from chicago,45 mins from rockford,40 mins from wisconsin border)...
  10. D

    aftermarket exhaust on stock engine

    Hi, i have a baja db30 new style with a stock engine that is very good (does not leak anytime anywhere, starts first pull even in below freezing, runs very fast for the engine's size, etc...) so i would like to change the exhaust to something like this 1" Mini Bike Exhaust Screw On Muffler but i...
  11. D

    Where to buy new style doodlebug?

    i was having endless problems with my doodlebug so i called up baja because it was under warranty and after going back and forth to the repair shop i was finally given an RGA number from baja to return the bike. I am going to try to get my money back from pepboys(where i bought the bike) but...
  12. D

    db30 fuel line size???

    Hi, I just got my db30 minibike back from the shop because it was under warranty and i got a brand new carb and pcv spring put on for free! it runs great now and i'm glad that my motor is saved but i have noticed that the lower end of the fuel line that connects to the carb is beginning to tear...
  13. D

    New engine for my baja doodlebug?

    Hi, I think that at christmas this year I am going to get a new engine for my db30 and I have a few questions. First off what is the shaft size on the stock db30 clutch? I have heard that it is a 5/8" clutch but I saw on one website that it was 3/4" but I thought that was generally larger...
  14. D

    Baja doodlebug idle?

    Hi, I finally got my doodlebug (97cc stock engine) working again but it will not idle with the choke off unless i have the idle set to where the bike is much like a car in that if you release the the brake then it moves under the power produced by the idle. My friends does not do this and i know...
  15. D

    Baja doodlebug gasket question

    Hi, I just fixed my baja doodlebug from leaking, it rode great for 2 days, and now the gasket between the air filter is torn in two places. The engine starts up and idles when the choke is on but when I begin to turn off the choke it starts to sputter very slowly and then it dies. So I have...
  16. The_Ruppster_86

    Doodlebug Seat

    Baja Doodlebug seat here. It is in good shape with no tears or rips. However, there is some paint on the seat. The mounting holes are in good condition and not bunged. $30 shipped USPS Priority Mail I'm located in Duarte, CA Thanks for looking!
  17. The_Ruppster_86

    Doodlebug roller wanted!!!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Baja Doodlebug roller. I would like the frame to be in good condition and wheels fairly new. Also the seat, throttle,cable disc brake, (pretty much the doodlebug without the engine.) If your in or near Los Angeles go ahead and pm me! Thank you :scooter:
  18. awkwardkitten

    Difference between baja minibikes??

    Hi guys, I was considering buying a baja minibike and eventually adding a 6.5 hp engine. But my question is, what is the difference between the baja doodlebug, the baja blitz, the baja racer, and the baja dirt bug? I have studies each one's picture closely and saw no difference, All of the specs...