1. Sprocket86

    Bone stock Honda GX200 6.5hp

    Hi there. Going to be building up a DB 30 with a 6.5 hp genuine Honda GX200 and a Centrifugal clutch for a race series that another member on here has organized. I would like to lightly modify this box stock GX200 with a header/muffler pipe that will fit around a DB 30 or Dirt Bug frame...
  2. C

    Bonanza bone shaker

    I picked this up in a package deal and don't have the time to really fix it up. I dont know what model it is. Looking to get 150 or best offer. Its in rough shape but could be great if you have a new set of forks. Motor does not come with it. If paid for I can deliver it to windber.
  3. Mean Dean

    Bad to the Bone old school Screw the clones

    Just listed on our Craigs List tonight. Merry Xmas. Got my spidy senses tingling. mini bike drag
  4. oldfatguy

    my dog has bone cancer

    My wife and I adopted this dog 7 years ago on Christmas eve. My son found her as a stray and took her home but couldn't care for her so he talked us into taking her . He named her honey bear but I got to calling her dummy bear because of some of the stupid things she did . She turned out to be a...
  5. Bonanza Bryan

    Snapped My Collar Bone

    Snapped my collar bone in half at work yesterday. Was riding the atv when the tire got caught in a rut and locked up the steering wheel. threw me off and it snapped on impact. i was out there all by myself so i had to flip the atv over ride it back to the phone shut a bunch of gates behind me...
  6. Drewman79

    Project: BAD TO THE BONE

    Time to do some upgradeing on my bike like a new paint job, disk breaks, cheeta clutch, and some more engine mods... thought i would post up pics as i go along....enjoy! :devil2:
  7. Jeffs Bone Yard

    Jeffs Bone Yard

    Jeffs Bone Yard