1. rjwhitne

    Chicago Boonie-Bike

    Hi all, been a member here for quite some time but stopped visiting after selling my Boonie about 9 years ago in the Chicago area (one of my greatest regrets!). Was given the bike when I was about 10 and should have never sold the thing- picture proof attached, although clearly I did some work...
  2. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  3. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  4. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  5. Wheel Gun

    Heath Kit Boonie Bike

    This bike build is what led me to finding this forum. While in search of parts this fine group of like minded enthusiasts kept coming up on my searches. I've made a couple of posts however I'd like to officially say hello to all of you fine folks and invite you to watch the progress of...
  6. B

    Need info on heathkit boonie bikes

    I am wondering if you could help me out with some info I need to help me fix my boonie I just picked up. I like the look of it the way it is so I don't really plan on cleaning it up much and want to keep the 'patina' look. What engines were offered with the boonie bikes? this one is a 4 hp...
  7. Sixpac440

    Boonie Bike as advertised in the Heathkit caltalog in 1972

    I bought the catalog off eBay ... PM me an email address if you want the original scan ...
  8. thejoker

    In need of a heathkit boonie shifter

    seriously need a original boonie shifter. Also could use a rear fender bracket with original paint ( original hardware would be awesome too). Lastly I need the bracket the cable mounts to in front of the jack shaft. Thanks Joe
  9. topcat

    Heath boonie 2speed shifter assembled

    On Heath boonies !... How is the two speed shifter assembled to work ?...
  10. Sixpac440

    Boonie Bike ... $1000 ?!?

    Sometimes I think we need a section for bikes that were priced when drunk/high ... Vintage Heathkit Boonie Bike Mini Bike w/ Ski Sled Attachment | eBay
  11. palmviper

    Heathkit boonie parts

    WTB heathkit Boonie parts?!!brake pads,clutch cover,air cleaner!!any good leads or web sights to help find parts would be greatly appreciated Thanks palmviper
  12. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike Exhaust Adapter Needed

    I acquired the optional deluxe muffler/spark arrestor or for my Boonie project but I still need the adapter they used to raise/offset the exhaust port so this muffler will clear the fuel tank... It's the one that looks like a block... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...Steve
  13. OND

    Happy Birthday brown boonie

    :happybday: Happy Birthday Gerald ! :happybday: Hope you've had a great day ! brown boonie
  14. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike 2 speed coil spring

    Yeah I know I'm reaching for the moon here, but I have all the pieces to complete my Boonie jack shaft except the coil spring that locks the small sprocket. I would even be interested in a shaft in any condition that I might be able to repair with my parts or even rebuild.. any help would be...
  15. Toominibikes

    Heath Kit Boonie Bike

    Nice original bike needs tube in front tire and fuel system service. I have not ridden for about 5 years. 800.00
  16. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike rear tire

    Looking for a nice, or NOS Goodyear 18/8.50/8 like was used on the rear of Boonie Bikes. I have a nice front, would really like to have the correct rear one for my Boonie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Lubbs

    4 MiniBikes for sale 3x Boonie bikes 1 Bonanza

    Craigslist Detroit 4 MiniBikes for sale 3x Boonie bikes 1 Bonanza
  18. B

    Help with Carb linkage for 1970 Boonie Bike

    Can anybody help me with the carb linkage for my 1970 boonie bike? I took apart the carb to put new baskets on it and am having trouble getting the linkage working properly. The carb is for a 5 hp Briggs and Straton. Any photos of your setup would help. Any advice is appreciated.
  19. Lubbs

    3 boonie bikes, 1 bonanze 1300, and a Boonie 2 speeds setup 4 for

    In SE Michigan Bikes 4 MiniBikes for sale 3x Boonie bikes 1 Bonanza
  20. SimpleTom

    Boonie Bike Beat Off in Racine, WI

    This event took place yesterday afternoon. There is guy that builds a track in his back yard and then has a bunch of his friends come over with their mini bikes and race. I didn't participate since I don't need any more aches and pains but check out the pictures they posted on their facebook...