1. 72duster

    Duster Chopper clutch cover chainguard

    Hey Everybody ! Looking for long chrome chainguard clutch/cover for my Duster Chopper I have had since New in 1972!! Got for my Birthday when I was 7 and Still Love it!! Me and my Brother Ride it in the 70s and 80s -- Great Times! He passed away now and in restoring the Duster but list...
  2. T

    Chain slop...hitting chainguard. Driving me crazy!

    Guys...I noticed that the chain on my son's Coleman CT100U has too much slack and it banging against the chain guard while riding, especially when riding over bumps. At this point I've adjusted the tensioner and when that didn't work, I moved the engine forward. I still have more slack than...
  3. Hemibrad

    Looking for a chainguard for this ARCO Chopper

    Garage find ARCO I chopper. Looking for a chainguard. Thanks for looking.
  4. R

    WANTED Correct Chainguard for a BONANZA MB 1210 TC

    Just as the title says Wanted correct chain guard for a Bonanza MB 1210 TC Top money paid or trades Robertt8883
  5. markus

    Neat Trail Horse/general appliance chainguard

    Dunno if it was made by someone/custom or what as I have only ever seen them with the slots, but its pretty cool! Its on a bike for sale on ebay, listed as a 1967, which was one year Before General appliance even started to make bikes, and 2 years before the 5 spokes it has on it came...
  6. markus

    1968 Rupp C250 roller and chainguard

    1968 C250, cool thing about this version Rupp is since the fenders and tank were painted from the factory, there is not alot of chrome to contend with, and whats currently there for chrome is actually really nice. Repro seats are also inexpensive for this model and in stock at blackwidow...
  7. CarPlayLB

    Gilson/Wards rear chainguard

    I am looking for the chainguard for a Gilson/Wards that bolts to the swingarm. It is the white piece in the pic. Let me know what you have! I have cash, stamps, PayPal, items to trade, canned goods, cured meats, a date with Trinik, or plenty of advice to sell!
  8. markus

    1968/69 Lil Indian flat chainguard info??

    Anyone know if the flat face chianguards used on lil indian around 1969 are about the same dimensions as the later pressed face guards? Anyone ever been lucky enough to have both at the same time :shrug: Also info on what they used for mount as they appear to be bolt on to the guard. I have...
  9. markus

    Scout Bonanza chainguard wanted

    Looking for a "scout" series chainguard, Not seeing them listed on OldMiniBikes anymore. Like seen here: Thanks for any help :thumbsup:
  10. R

    ChainGuard Identification Needed !

    I need some help in Identifying this ChainGuard Please
  11. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian with chainguard

    Lil Indian :sad:
  12. james c

    barris chainguard

    Briggs mini bike 3.5 !!super fast!!
  13. markus

    Bonanza Chrome Chainguard BC

    repro chrome chainguard for a bonanza BC and 4 stroke MX came from evil ed and Dino never mounted or used $175+$12.50 price is firm
  14. J

    Paddle brake, chrome chainguard

    Not sure what it is. Mostly got it as a rolling chassis for a gx200 clone and better brakes. Should I restore it instead?
  15. J

    Boonie-bike chainguard

    An original chainguard with the hardware. $50 shipped. ship from 02886. money order only, ship ups ground.
  16. 5horsebriggs

    HOLY CHAINGUARD but real good deal

    Mini bike
  17. S

    Tecumseh Chrome Chainguard bracket

    I need a nice chrome bracket that mounts onto a Tecumseh motor so that I can mount my re chromed chain guard. I know they can be pricey. Paypal ready.
  18. smwtnbndr

    Heathkit Boonie Chainguard

    Picked up this boonie recently and I want to make my own chain guard. I have read the threads and I'm aware there are figerglass repops available, but I would rather make my own. If anyone has an original and can give me some accurate measurements, it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  19. jlesliel

    Cat clutch cover chainguard

    I have this cover i'd like to trade for one that is longer. It measures 14 inches overall. It's about an inch or so from being long enough to fit my duster. Condition isn't "real" important just no junk please. Is it ok to post an ad for trades?
  20. The Restore Kid

    HOLY crap a Pinto Chainguard

    old school minibike Bird engineering