1. Cmit3125

    Ct70 died while riding and won’t start

    This one is long sorry guys. so my dad passed down this Honda trail 70 to me that I learned to ride on way back when I was a kid. Engine stoped running way back when and I tore it apart to rebuild but became a teenager and found “better things to do”. Long story short dad couldn’t get it back...
  2. normale spatborden.jpg

    normale spatborden.jpg

    Honda with standard fenders.
  3. chaly spatborden.jpg

    chaly spatborden.jpg

    Honda with chaly fenders. Aka German fenders.
  4. O

    Odes gobi 50 have you heard of it?

    Hello I purchased a Honda trail 70 clone from someone and I cannot seem to find any info or parts for the life of me. The brand is called odes the model is called gobi 50. Google doesn’t show anything and I mean anything. It’s like this clone doesn’t exist. It’s like they just made this one bike...
  5. D

    Any idea what these could be worth?

    These are a pair of barn find Honda z50’s(supposedly a 1969 and a 1981). Not sure if they run or not, but they seem like they’re in okay condition. Just would like some insight before I decide whether they’re worth buying since I’ve never dealt with Honda bikes. Thanks!
  6. R

    CT70 rim rings?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried or knows if the 10" CT70 rim rings will work to replace Rupp or Speedway 10"?
  7. L

    Honda ct70 fuel leak help

    Hey guys, I posted a thread last week about possibly buying a 1991 honda ct70, and turns out I bought the sucker!! This baby is nice and clean, only 500 miles on it. I put about 40 miles on it when riding it back home from where I got it (I drive a civic couple lol). THe thing ran great ever...
  8. L

    1991 Honda CT70 / Rupp Scrambler

    Hello everyone, new mini bike user here. I've been looking online at Honda CT70's and some other knockoffs and was hoping for some buying advice. I found a 1991 CT70 on craigslist in my area for $1600. I'm not willing to spend that much but I was still wondering what the bike is worth...
  9. ponytail

    Resto-mod '81 Honda CT70

    This is my '81 Honda CT70 that I have slowly turned into a resto-mod over the last 29 months. Original paint, 88cc big bore kit and lots of bling. It is done, for now..........:thumbsup:
  10. 4

    Wanted Honda CT70H 4 speed or CT70 bikes or parts

    Looking to buy Honda CT70H 4 speed or CT70 bikes or parts.
  11. catfishman

    picked up a ct70

    know its a mini motorcycle, and not mini bike, but picked this up last weekend, got it running, think the carb needs cleaned, needs to have the choke on a little to keep it running. needs a good cleaning, and a turn signal switch, if anyone knows where to get one, please let me know.
  12. YOOP

    ct70 with title

    not far from me honda trail 70 1972
  13. Acolytus

    Honda CT70 Wheels for sale!

    I have these Honda CT70 wheels that I'm selling! PM me for any questions/pictures or if you are interested! (accidentally posted in the wrong section of the forum :doah:) I'm asking $200 firm in cash and it's local pick up only sorry. Located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Thanks for...
  14. Acolytus

    Honda CT70 Wheels for sale!

    I have these Honda CT70 wheels that I'm selling! Click the link for more info and contact me for any questions or if you are interested! Thanks! Honda CT70 Wheels
  15. 4

    Wanted Honda Z50 & CT 70 Bikes & Parts

    Looking to buy Honda Z50 & CT70 bikes and parts.
  16. markus

    Honda z50 ct70 dax japan import models

    I have 3 brand new in the box Japan Import Ebbro Honda 1:10 scale models, if you have ever wondered why they are so expensive, well once you have one of these in your hands you'll know why. The details are amazing, I'd hate to be the 9 year old in that sweat shop :laugh: foot pegs fold...
  17. RCGuy

    Newbie 74 CT70 project

    Hi all, my name is Mark and I have a fugly problem. Just picked this up for next to nothing, always wanted one, thought I would give it a go. Plans are to get it running and go on a ride or 2 next spring. Then it will either be sold or restored, will see what the future holds. The engine parts I...
  18. Up in Canada this was put out by "PRINCESS AUTO ".

    Up in Canada this was put out by "PRINCESS AUTO ".

  19. Most of my Mini's

    Most of my Mini's

  20. Sears??


    Rear Shocks have "LIL INDIAN "66 " Etched into them.