1. RobRon Super dart

    RobRon Super dart

    RobRon Super dart
  2. RobRon Super dart

    RobRon Super dart

    RobRon Super dart
  3. P

    Round Gas Tank Rupp Dart Cycle

    The tank came off a Rupp Dart Cycle. It is the same tank used on the Ruttman Grasshopper and other choppers. The tank has light rust and a few dents. 125.00 OBO
  4. G

    Rupp Dart Cycle Parts

    I need a front & rear wheel for the older Rupp Dart Cycle where as the rear wheel is larger than the front along with a gas tank and seat as well as the brake assembly etc. This maybe a long shot but I would like a short style front fork as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thansk Gary M.
  5. mardyn

    Rupp Dart Cycle frame for sale

    Looking to sell my 1969? Rupp Dart Cycle frame. Asking $150.00 but will entertain offers. Also still have that Hodaka 100CC M series engine for sale too. Asking 250.00 plus shipping. Thanks mardyn
  6. murrayeliminator

    ☞☞☞ RUPP Dart Kart Sales folder ☜☜☜

    Kool Sales folder with information on the Rupp Dart Karts. loaded with catalogs and accessory sheets. includes the K Junior series karts, the K Series Live axle Karts. and the Dart Funster Karts. 2 of each of these. also 2 catalogs with the Hot Rod Test reviews on the Dart Karts. and 10 sheets...
  7. wellohhhkthen

    1962 Rupp Dart Cycle standard

    I picked this up lately it has a power products 2 cycle The dart cycle seat is the original cover with new board and foam. Any body have one to compare the serial number tag.
  8. jmbmini

    Rupp Dart Cycle

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a clutch guard shaped like the one in this picture. It can be painted or chrome. If you have one for sell post pictures and price. Or contact me thru PM. Thanks
  9. hemigremmy

    Rupp Dart go cart

    OHIO Craigslist http://mansfield.craigslist.org/for/2483575211.html i have a used vintage go cart. i think its a rupp dart. has the original wheels on it still tires need to be replaced tho. i want $140firm mite do some tradeing it all depends on what ya have. i got $160 in this go cart alone...
  10. furyus

    RobRon Super Dart

    I scored this sweetie off CL this weekend, and I am in love. It's a '76 or '77 RobRon Super Dart in nearly perfect original condition. When Rupp folded, a gentleman named Robert Stanton bought all the jigs and blueprints for Rupp's karts. You can still get a new A Bone from Robert today...
  11. hemigremmy

    Rupp Dart gas tank questions

    Does anybody out there have one of these gas tanks? I am just wondering what size it is, diameter and how ling it is? Which side the the filler neck is on and which side the bung is on? Pictures would be great but i will take what i can get. I know they were a horizontal can looking tank and i...
  12. hemigremmy

    Rupp Dart cycle...TRADE?????

    I know i just got this and I really like it but upon looking more into it I can tell that this minibike is pretty rare. I am just wanting to build something that my kids can enjoy and have memories and something I can enjoy as well. I hate to build this and make it what I want and know that...
  13. The Restore Kid

    HOLY CRAP!!!! 61 Rupp Dart Kart

    It belongs to a Buddy of mine.. IT IS for sale... Is this an A-Bone model? It's a twin engine, all original wheels, steering wheel, pedals... It MUST be a 61?? I think he said it was, because Kelly is a tractor guy BUT always does his research, and knew for a fact the year.. :shrug: HELLA NICE...
  14. Kellys twin engine Rupp Dartkart

    Kellys twin engine Rupp Dartkart

  15. Kellys 61 Rupp twin engine Dart Kart

    Kellys 61 Rupp twin engine Dart Kart

  16. O

    looking for a rupp dart kart

    Just curious if anybody has a Rupp dart kart body around looking to part with.?? Thanks for the help Oldschool71
  17. J

    Rupp Dart Cycle

    Want an early roller to restore......anyone back east want to let one go?
  18. smallbikes88

    My new Rupp Dart Kart

    just got this one and am not sure of the model? It came out of a barn but smells like it was under the barn! Man its agot a cool tank though! I never saw one like it before. Its about 4" wide and 18" long cyclinder tank. It must hold 3 gallons of gas? If you looked at the bottom it...
  19. smallbikes88

    Rupp Dart Kart

    Just picked up this little sweetie! It has the original steering wheel and wheels and seat. Frame is pretty straight and no rust. I am not sure of the model? or year but i think its a d300 1962 or 1963??
  20. 71dodge

    71 dart swinger

    i got a 71 dart swinger that is gonna be a 440 big block pro street car for high school in progress right now in my garage i work on it when i have free time and $$$ CASH