1. FunWithStuff

    Seat Dimensions Thread

    Hey everyone! I wanted to make this thread with the intention of posting measurements/dimensions of seats used on some old mini bikes. I thought this would be a great reference thread for anyone that is looking to make or recreate a seat since many didn't survive on mini bikes over the years...
  2. 2 Speed Clutch Cover Overall.jpg

    2 Speed Clutch Cover Overall.jpg

    2 Speed Clutch Cover drawing with dimensions as taken from my 1970 Fox Street Scamp
  3. FunWithStuff

    Cat Slingshot Seat

    Hey everyone! I'm currently restoring a Cat Slingshot and I need to know dimensions to help remake a seat. The dimensions I need are: Length before incline Length after incline Angle of incline Width (front and back there are two different ones) Height (front and back) That should be all I need...
  4. Rake and trail view.jpg

    Rake and trail view.jpg

    Wheelbase, rake, trail and offset dimensions
  5. A

    El Burro Frame dimensions?

    Could I trouble someone to take some frame measurements from their El Burro for me, I'm going to build a copy and it would be nice to have a jumping off point. I was originally going to replicate and started a Trapper frame but changed my mind as I like the Sand N Sno better. I guess the more...
  6. H

    Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

    After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For...
  7. Mike T

    145/70-6 Knobby tire actuall dimensions

    I read recently in another thread that minibike tires often exceed the size written on the tire. My Trail Bronc has 15.0 x 6.0-6 tire on the front. Does this mean a 145/70-6 knobby might be as tall or taller than the 15.0 x 6.0-6 on my trail Bronc? It seems to be the closest knobby in size to...
  8. RenoMiniBike

    In need of “Big Blue” dimensions and advice

    Hello All, I am in the process of rebuilding a 1972(ish) JCPenney “Big Blue” mini bike and need some dimensions and advice from the collective. 1. Front Finder: - How long is the original fender? - How far from the front of the finder to where it was tack welded to the front forks? 2...
  9. P

    HS 40 crankshaft dimensions

    I have a HS40 engine which I am rebuilding for my 1970 Rupp Roadster. Does anyone know what is the correct length of the crankshaft which the 1970 Rupp roadster should have? Thank you
  10. H

    Dimensions of a Hornet /Roadrunner / Cyclops minibike

    Can anyone who has a K&S Hornet/ Roadrunner/ Cyclops hardtail mb-80 or mb-85 pull the mesurments and angles of their frame, I am interested in :hack: building :hammer: :grind: a frame if i cannot find one any measurements or schematics are a plus. Been along time since I been tube bending and Im...
  11. D

    Bonanza BC1300sh gas tank dimensions?

    I have restored a 1968 Bonanza BC 1300SH with Hodaka motor. It came out great but I am not happy with the gas tank figment. Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the originally installed gas tank? Any help would be appreciated. I would also be interested in purchasing an original...
  12. S

    Heaild Trail Bronc seat bottom dimensions

    Hi, does anyone on here have the dimensions or pattern for the seat bottom on a Heald Trail Bronc? A picture with length and width would work. Thanks, Steve
  13. R

    Rupp Trials tires dimensions ca. 1969

    I got off to a false start and made a thread looking for TT500 tires info. I have since learned I have a Roadster and not a TT500. I have Googled the dingle out of it, but cannot find any info that gives the actual dimension of the original trials tires (overall diameter, rim diameter, true...
  14. bikerboybenny8

    Help on dimensions

    Looking to figure out dimensions for a tire i need.... Azusa 6" tire FOUR (4) inches wide.. Any clue on where i can find a slick that wide?? or what the dimensions would be?
  15. S

    engine dimensions

    Can someone tell me if a 3hp is smaller in size than a 5hp and by how much % is fine. I have a keystone which is missing the original two stroke, so I have a 5hp in it but it sticks out one side farther than I like. I would like an engine that looks a little less lopsided. Thanks Scott
  16. V

    engine size dimensions and hp rating.

    Are any of the engines the same outside dimensions with bigger bore and stroke to get a higher hp rating or does the case size just go up with larger displacement engines. reason being trying to buy used engines or machinery to rob an engine from. 3-5hp engines are the same cost as 6-10 hp...
  17. 6doggie3

    Powell 6020-J

    Picked up this model J a few weeks ago. the motor runs but idles kind of high? I never had a flo jet carb before so any help I'd be very thankful! Not sure what belt to use or where to find one? Does anybody know the seat dimensions ? Also there is a bolt that runs thru the carb that...
  18. hemigremmy

    Side engine mounted kart?????

    I am working with a friend of mine on a project and was wondering if anybody on here has a kart with the engine that is mounted beside the seat. I am needing to pick somebody's brain, ask some questions, get some measurements and dimensions, ask some more questions, and say "Why?" a whole bunch...
  19. Truckasaurus44

    T555 Decals and Clutch Cover

    I'm looking for a repop fork decal for my Wards T555 trike. Anybody have one, can make them, or at least provide a picture of a near complete one with dimensions? Bonus points if you have pics of the TAV cover decal with dimensions!! I'm also looking for the clutch cover, but not holding...
  20. blkscorpion80

    Cat Duster and Scat Bat dimensions

    Guys Im not sure where to post this so here goes. I need some help with seat dimensions. I need the dimensions to a Cat duster seat as well as the dimensions to a Scat Bat. I tried to make it easier on me, by asking a few guys that own these bikes. Unfortunately, I have been waiting patiently...