1. 72duster

    Duster Chopper clutch cover chainguard

    Hey Everybody ! Looking for long chrome chainguard clutch/cover for my Duster Chopper I have had since New in 1972!! Got for my Birthday when I was 7 and Still Love it!! Me and my Brother Ride it in the 70s and 80s -- Great Times! He passed away now and in restoring the Duster but list...
  2. jaimenv

    Bent Duster fork (not anymore).

    Yea the forks are bent back, just enough to bother me. So out came the torch and the welder took care of a crack.
  3. bikebudy

    Duster MX & JC Penny decals

    Head plate on chrome 10.00 US each Shipped Jc Penny Coin on chrome 8.00 US each Shipped Jc Penny Coin on White 6.00 US each Shipped Sorry, no fender stripes at this time. 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  4. F

    WTB JCpenny cat duster chopper mini bike

    Looking to buy 1972? Duster chopper.thanks jimmy 256-682-7221
  5. B

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks.

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks. Would like a nice complete fender. Please PM me with cost and photo. Will pay for correct piece. White fender from a S&S chopper and you would be my Hero! Lol. Thank you for any help or info.
  6. K

    Cat duster chopper or jc penney chopper

    Looking for a cat duster chopper or penneys chopper roller or complete does not need to be in perfect condition thanks
  7. danford1

    Cat Duster MX, 1973-74

    I have a 1973-74 Muskin Cat Duster MX. It has a 4 hp Tecumseh. Runs great, drives great. It has the pull start shroud from a H30 but the engine is an HS40 The rear fender IS NOT a Cat part. It is just added on and can be easily removed. It needs a new seat cover. The seem ripped out and it has...
  8. james ackerman

    Cat parts duster

    Accidently posted everything in Honda clone predator thread. If a moderator could move the thread here that would be appreciated.
  9. james ackerman

    Cat parts duster.

    Fender with one dent could prolly pop out nice shape otherwise $25. Handle bars $30 2 wheel stars great shape real nice chrome $30 Front and rear axle $10 Fork lower actually from a mx duster but the fork tubes are in real nice shape $35 Front wheel with cheng shin tire great tread$25 Rear...
  10. james ackerman

    Cat mx duster roller.

    Roller for sale. Missing the rear clutch guard mounting bracket. Has original chain guide and foot pegs. Front wheel has new chrome stars rear wheel has star but is rusted to the point of being unsalvegable. Chrome on shocks front fender is real nice, no rear fender unless you by the other forks...
  11. james ackerman

    Cat mx duster forks

    Handle bars are a little tweaked front plate is dented, fender has nice chrome but has dent that looks like could be popped out. Asking 40 plus shipping.
  12. IMG_20160517_214037_909


    Got Duster for My Birthday April 29th, 1972 and Still Have It !!!!
  13. O

    Need some info on a Duster mini bike

    I pulled one of my old mini bikes out of the garage the other day and wanted to find out some information about it. From what I can tell it was sold buy JC Pennys. I would like to find out if that is correct and what year it might be? I've also seen some call them Cat Dusters, is that right? I'm...
  14. B

    WTB: Sissy bar pad for Duster chopper

    WTB: Sissy bar pad for Duster chopper. Looking for one in nice condition and complete. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  15. C


    Just picked up an original Duster chopper. The cool thing is, it has a scrub brake and hand brake. Just like in the J C Penny ad. I hope these attachments work
  16. M

    Jc penny Duster chopper

    Does anyone happen to know where I could find a JC Penny's duster chopper frame, or complete bike ? Thanks, Mark
  17. S

    JC Penney MX Duster

    MX Duster for sale. Frame sandblasted and painted. After market taller handlebars. Original chrome on fenders,chain guard, Forks and front wheel stars. Back wheel star has been painted. Original throttle assembly with aftermarket grips. New tires, tubes, wheel bearings, brake assembly, brake...
  18. S

    MX Duster chain guard bracket

    I'm looking for the front chain guard bracket for the MX duster, Anyone have one or a picture I can look at to make my own?? Thank you
  19. Radford46

    Mailing a Cat Duster MX -a tutorial

    Just took this big ol' package up to Fed-ex to send to mini bike mayhem in California. I really thought it would be more difficult than this! I wouldn't hesitate now, to send another one. Especially like this without the engine. I first measured the frame of the Duster after breaking it down...
  20. Radford46

    Cat Duster MX

    I need to let this one go so I can concentrate on my Super Bronc. This is a Duster MX with an original paint frame. The front fender is good with the original decal. It came with the running,97cc Predator (included)and I've since removed it ,and the engine plate is original unmolested. Has the...