1. CaptNugget

    Unique 4’x8’ Fiberglass Boat

    I know it’s a little off the “mini bike/trike” category but it’s a mini boat. I picked this up a few years ago and started restoration but with traveling for work it never got finished and now I’m planning a move and have many other projects I’m taking with me. This is a fiberglass 4’x8’ boat...
  2. myjunk

    1970s Snowco fiberglass body

    I probably don't have this in the right section, but I thought the guy who would want this most likely looks at the trike section. If I need to place it in the for sale section I would be happy to do that. I have this nice body for a Snowco trike. I am asking $50, but it would need to be picked...
  3. OND

    WTB Bonanza Clutch Cover (Repopped) Fiberglass

    Has anyone got a re-popped Bonanza clutch cover for sale ? PM me with what ever you have. Thanks in advance OND .
  4. manchester1

    Bonanza fiberglass seat pans

    This is the "long" fiberglass seat pan for the Bonanza's. I am having these reproduced. Made to order.:wink:
  5. Bonanza seat pans

    Bonanza seat pans

    Bonanza seat pans
  6. R

    Original fiberglass (bonanza mx / bc ) gas tank !

    I am selling a BONANZA original MX / BC top mount gas tank.These are very hard to come by in this condition. Included original mounting brackets and hardware with .The tank is free of any dings ,cracks or any damage Filler neck is in good condition along with original pit-cock. Mounting studs...
  7. bigevilone2

    Original bonanza mx/bc fiberglass gas tank

    Up for sale is an original Bonanza MX/BC fiberglass gas tank. Pretty nice OG gas tank. Comes with the OG mounts. Couple of stress cracks but nothing major. Filler neck has some pitting. Price is $500.00 FIRM !!!!! with FREE Shipping, Paypal only. STEP UP OR STEP...
  8. bigevilone2

    Bonanza MX/BC Fiberglass Gas Tank

    Here is a bad repro gas tank for sale. It has a 1 3/4" filler neck instead of an 1 1/2". The petcock hole is on the right side instead of the left side. Could be a nice tank with some work. NO, I DID NOT MAKE THIS TANK ! Price is $100.00 + $15.00 shipping, Paypal only Thanks Ed
  9. slywilliez

    Rupp fiberglass chain guard tt500

    Rupp fiberglass chain guard tt500 or roadster 50 plus shipping.
  10. slywilliez

    bonanza fiberglass chain guard

    Bonanza fiberglass chain guard, 25 bucks plus shipping.
  11. RideSF

    WTB Bonanza original fiberglass tank

    Looking for original gas tank for bonanza thanks OldMiniBikes
  12. 125ccCrazy

    Need some input on repairing this Alsport trike fiberglass body..

    I chipped all the plastic shell off the glass inner because the body was busted up and the plastic was all cracked... so after I get all the plastic chipped off the fiberglass has a covering of dry hairs that didn't get saturated with resin, so DA-ing those off was the first step...but now I can...
  13. markus

    early no script clutch cover in fiberglass??

    Someone used to make these from time to time. I may be in need of one for a possible build, It would be painted so fiberglass would be fine for the application (and I need to try and keep costs down). Anyway its like this one that Clark made is the style I need, little beat up is fine if...
  14. OND

    TACO Clutch Cover ( Fiberglass Repop )

    I've got one of these cooking if anybody needs one $40.00 and I'll ship it for free.
  15. Sport King Eric

    Wanted a Rear Fiberglass Elburro Fender

    WtB a fiberglass Elburro rear fender like this one only longer!! Also looking for a set of Elburro handlebars!
  16. R

    chain guard

    Does anyone know where I can get a repop Rupp XL 500 chain guard
  17. OND

    Rupp Clutch Cover ( Fiberglass Repop )

    Rupp clutch cover that I got from a member on here ...It is a fiberglass cover, $40.00 and I'll ship it for free.
  18. OND

    TACO Clutch Cover ( Fiberglass Repop )

    I repopped my TACO clutch cover for my own use, but If anyone needs one I will be making some over the next few weeks. :hammer:
  19. OND

    Lil Indian Clutch Cover ( Fiberglass Repopp )

    I've got another Lil Indian clutch cover for sale . No Bracket No Decal, $45.00 shipped. This is a fiberglass reproduction. Pm me please.
  20. bigevilone2

    Bonanza BC 1400 fiberglass seat pan

    Looking for a Bonanza BC 1400 fiberglass seat pan. Can be broken or cracked or chunks missing. Broken studs are also OK. Let me know watcha got ! Thanks Ed