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  1. B

    Another What is this

    Im thinking of buying this, but was curious as to what it is.. seems to have a small 2 stroke motor, the frame is different from most vintage bikes, Ive seen. Any help identifying is appreciated.
  2. New member needs help identifying

    New member needs help identifying

    Hi y'all. Hoping someone will be able to tell me what bike this is? I believe that it is from the late 50's or early 60's. It belonged to my late husband and I am trying to sell it. Any help you can provide would be appreciated
  3. 2 minis

    2 minis

  4. Early 1970 CCS Charger Trail Boss Barn Find

    Early 1970 CCS Charger Trail Boss Barn Find

  5. Z

    trail horse auction find, survivor?

    I found this trail horse at auction. Its a GTO110, code#39070113, with a Tecumseh 21/2 HP, model#H25-25173G. It appears to be an orginal survivor?
  6. vwfan79

    Rupp(s) find

    I picked up a few rupps in the last couple weeks, 1 from a member and picked up 2 more while I was at the in-laws in Ohio today. The one nice black frame will be put together as a nice rider and I will be making a new track bike with the other 2 with an extended swing arm. 2 are roadsters with...
  7. adarter

    Junkyard find

    What is this one
  8. trinik7597

    Fimco little butch find

    found this one owner survivor can't find much info on fimco at all :shrug: has a tec. 3.5 hp with lighting coil :thumbsup: original paint .bike has hardly even been touched from what i can see . tires are like brand new have never seen these before either unmarked other than size but real cool...
  9. tbird

    here's another craigslist find

    mini bike
  10. B

    I CANNOT find this axle nut anywhere?!

    I was riding my Baja Warrior, MB200, whatever you want to call it and the axle nut came off. The axle bent and I ordered another. But of course the axle did not come with a nut.. I have searched high and low for this thing. Online, Home Depot, Lowes, ect with no avail. Its a chinese bike so I am...
  11. T

    my mini baja find

    I picked this up yesterday. I have the fake gas tank , not in the pics. It runs. I'm missing the seat, the headlight, the clutch cover, the front chain,the starter rope handle, and the gas cap. Someone had added a sissy bar made from rebar. I hate sissy bars, especially ones made from...
  12. minimotor

    $40.00 Craigslist Find

    Got this off of Craigslist for $40.00.:thumbsup:
  13. Iron Honky

    Late night sears find

    Found this at 9:15 tonight. 25 minute drive and it was in my suv. Now its mine... Que evil laugh. Frame is all original. Not sure about thr motor. It says craftsman but code dates it at 71. Missing rear brake caliper which I'll be posting about in wanted section tomorrow. What do you guys/girls...
  14. MoTo-BunnY

    Newest Swap Meet Score! RUTTMAN Chrome Roller (I think?) More Info Needed!

    I scored this chrome frame minibike roller at the Canby, Oregon swap meet on Sunday (05 October). I was vending and got there super early, like 5:45 and saw it right away-that chrome sure caught my eye! I was thinking it looked Lil'Indian-esque but didn't know for sure so I tried posting in the...
  15. J

    Nice craigslist find

    Not sure if im going to buy this yet but a nice Kawasaki for sale. Kawasaki Mini Bike (vintage) How much should I offer? I was going to throw a $150 offer if the engine runs.
  16. jeep4me

    A true barn find

    I contacted a guy who was selling a small cat roller on Craigslist this week. Told him I wanted to buy it. It still had the original brake caliper on it and looked to be in good condition. The following day I called him and said I'd have to pass on it because the engine mount holes were the...
  17. tippycanoenm

    cl find today

    wishing my mad money fund wasn't so depleted.........
  18. Harleyreg

    Swap Meet Find

    Any ideas? Not the greatest photo with the straps in the way.
  19. TurboRupp

    Holy barn find batman!

    Picked up this roadster2 at an estate sale. Has set for 40 years. Had one when I was little so why not? Im kind of a small engine guru so it took me a few hours to have it running good. It is a kickstart hs40. Sold by hales sports center in Mansfield Ohio.(still has hales decal on it)...