grinding a tecumseh crank

    Hi everybody, does anyone have information on where or who does small engine crank grinding. Im in rochester new york, and cant seem to find a machine shop to do small cranks. I have a H50 crank that needs the rod journal turned to 1 inch for a billet rod. Im stuck!
  2. I

    Offset grinding, chromeplating. Stroking a stock briggs crank.

    So I need to stroke my stock b&s crank to accomodate fire this 3.375 rod and my .565 compression height piston I have, and I will need to have it offset ground .125 then have it ground down .030 to make a clean surface for the chrome, then chrome plate it till its exactly 1.0000". But do I need...
  3. B

    problem with mini bike

    My coleman ct200u is making a grinding noise and is pulling like im twisting the throttle.
  4. Phil1958

    Grinding Wheel Divot!!!

    i finished touching up a 1/4" HSS M2 tool bit and noticed this on the wheel surface: it's an 8" x 1" alumina wheel, it's been sharpened maybe 6 times with a diamond bar (metal bar with pieces of diamond!). i don't recall abusing it. it has been only used to grind HSS bits. :thumbsup:
  5. Confused1985

    Welding and grinding cam lobes

    Hi All I'm working on an 8hp BS atm, and there are no performance parts out there. I've seen various projects where people have either welded onto the top of the existing cam lobe, or ground down the base circle if the cam. Has anyone here tried this as a long term solution? My worry is that...
  6. MTchevy1

    Valve grinding tool

    Well I inquired about extended length lifters and how you go about filing them down, and korndog was kind enough to link me to the do-it-yourself tool. It was very simple, but they wanted almost 40 bucks for it plus another 15 for shipping! So, I went to the shop at work and made my own...
  7. 71dodge

    a grinding noise

    i got my honda all apart head cover etc and when i spin the flywheel and make the piston move it makes a gritty grindy noise lke somthing is rusted or has dirt and it is sliding back and forth the piston is fine the rod good valves ok springs everything is perfetc maybe one of my seals that hold...
  8. G

    Noisy grinding driven?

    I have a new Max torque 30 series driven and it clanks at different RPM. The shoes rub against the outside cover. I looked at an old Comet driven and it has shiny spots where it rubbed over the years but doesn't make any noise. Anyone ever have this problem? Have a cure?