1. Fixed up for the summer!

    Fixed up for the summer!

    Just got new engine mounting hardware with some rubber gromets between the engine and frame to reduce vibration. Also got a new throttle cable made of bicycle shifter cable. I failed to winterize my engine so i cant get it to run for more than a few seconds with the choke closed. So i ordered a...
  2. Moedog07

    Warrior Muffler (Home-made)

    Not happy with my "Hotdog Muffler" on the Warrior I decided to make my own. I was cleaning up the garage and found a box (16) of old valve springs I had taken off a Small Block Chevy years ago. I always have various sized aluminized exhaust pipe laying around. It dawned on me that if I combined...
  3. jeep4me

    Home-made Chopper

    Selling this home-made chopper. Chopper stretches out to 8ft long, and has a 6" ground clearance. Has new front shocks, #40/41 rear sprocket, front drum brake (works, but not hooked up), rear scrub brake (works, but not hooked up). I will include a 5hp Honda GC160 and a #40/41 clutch. Honda...
  4. L

    Bike Steering Neck Tubes

    If you're making a bike from scratch, what do you guys use for the neck tube connected to the steering fork. Cause I made my chopper from scratch, and then I just used a piece of pipe with a bolt through it, and that didn't work too well cause it cracked and warped. So if I wanted to order...
  5. thebronc4019

    Home-Made Gasket Question

    Anyone have luck making their own gaskets using gasket paper. I am sick of ordering gaskets from a local dealer, waiting and sometimes not ending up with the right gasket. I see no reason why I cant get some gasket paper and make an intake manifold gasket. I am sure the gasket paper would...