Bike Steering Neck Tubes

If you're making a bike from scratch, what do you guys use for the neck tube connected to the steering fork. Cause I made my chopper from scratch, and then I just used a piece of pipe with a bolt through it, and that didn't work too well cause it cracked and warped.

So if I wanted to order one, does anyone know where to get it or how to make it? I guess an alternative could be to just get some metal pipe, and shove some bearings inside so that it would turn with ease. But i was looking at something like the one in the attachments.
I tried to contact West Coast Mini Choppers through there web site, by email, on numerous occasions. The web contact doesn't work. I don't think they are in business. I went here Chopper Mini Bike Parts - George's Outdoor Sales and Service
I actually talked to a person on the phone, they answered all emails, ect
20 bucks with a 5 grade bolt, tube with bearings and locknut, no aggravation
Any other place to buy this? OR who knows any part numbers to build this? Thanks
I buy my tubing online and have made a few necks from scratch. For about a 6" piece it's about $6 and the 5/8 x 1 3/8 bearings go on both ends. You can usually find a 5/8 bolt at ACE Hardware in the length you need. I can't ever find the fine thread so I use the coarse thread with a nylon nut. Going this route might cost about ~$10-$15. I also use the same tubing for my axles. I could put one together if you don't want to buy a whole 2 foot section. PM me for price.

Metals Depot:
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1-3/4 OD x .188 wall x 1.375 ID 1020 DOM Structural Round Steel Tube
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Make your own its easy enough. I buy 38mm od pipe with a 32mm id. Then cut two smaller bits of 32mm od pipe to act as bearing retainers. Then jusy wack in a bearing on either end. Stumped as to where I have pics in a build thread. But if your making your own bike this is the easy bit

Good luck