1. what frame is this?

    what frame is this?

    this bike has a side car on the left and has been on display in a private collection for over 40 years and has never been ridden.
  2. Hot Shot

    Hot Shot

  3. jophisaz

    Bearcat Hot Shot

    I am currently looking for a Hot Shot to restore for my personal use, i had one years ago. if you have one that you are interested in selling let me know. pic of one is enclosed. J
  4. N

    Domed hemi hot rod

    fOR SALE Domed piston hemi build. All the good stuff. Arc long rod. Wiseco custom machine dome piston .110" dome. Fits inside a stock hemi chamber only. 27/25 stainless valves. 26*springs. Valve job. Slight port n polish. Quad crank bearings. Ambush billet covers custom finned. Raceseng...
  5. T

    Hot leg

    I see a lot of people without a cover on the clutch and when I sat on the bike for the first time, all I get is a lot of hot air blowing on my leg. I'm assuming that's normal since it is rotating pretty fast? Sorry for the dumb question, first bike ever!

    Hot Rodding a Tec

    I see people posting about the H50 performance engine and parts. Can you, well I know anything can be done...., but can you hot rod an HM80? Just a mild build. Maybe 12 to 14 horse. To much trouble? No parts? Whats the low down???? Thanks, Doug
  7. D

    hot wards t555

    wow!!! i have a hot wards t555 for sale to someone who mwants a turn key trike for the summer fun. new paint/black and orange, new motor, new tires, new everything!!!!! man this one is a real head turner. i just need to move on to other projects and need the room. more info in the trike section...
  8. D

    hot wards t555

    hello from denver co. i am letting go my wards t555 terrain trike. i is one cool ride. orange and black paint scheme,new everything!!!!!! motor new,tires new, seat perfect,hot jackshaft setup, ready for summer fun!!!!! i will let it go for 1,100.00 shipping can be arranged on my end if needed...
  9. D

    hot wards t555

    cool breeze here in denver co. i have been buying lots of trikes and i so appreciate your great response to my wanted ads. however i have bought maybe to many. i have a wards t555 big tire terrain trike. very rare and hard to find. new black and orange paint, new motor/predator...
  10. R

    Vintage Bonanza Sport mini bike hot !

    Vintage Bonanza Mini Bike Restored Motorcycle | eBay
  11. P

    B&S 3 hp model 80202 running hot

    Hi Guys , I have a Vintage B&S 3 hp model 80202 with two oil caps and two drain screws. My first question is i only put oil in one side , and fill it until i saw a little oil coming up before it reached the treads of the oil cap was that correct . My second question is a after running it for...
  12. Taco Loco Joe

    1 Taco in a sea of Hot Rods and Bikes

    Decided to show my Taco 22 @ the Car and Motorcyle show yesterday. It was a hit! People were like "Wanna sell it? Or Can you build me one? I was at a BBQ partying with old friends at the other end of the show and when I got back I was told to line it up with the Cars and bikes getting awards...
  13. markus

    Hot stuff!!!

    he took the question "Can you fire it up for me" literally :laugh: Tecumseh H 30 Mini Bike Go Kart Motor Rupp Ruttman | eBay "1968fastgto" wrote:
  14. Newoldstock

    smoking hot deals

    Winter leaves me with time to ponder what to do next. I have been looking for something to build and let me tell you the pickins is slim comrades.... Minibike | Kijiji: Free Classifieds in Ontario. Find a job, buy a car, find a house or apartment, furniture, appliances and more! - Page 2...
  15. Not so mini bike

    Original Briggs hot dog mufflers

    I have 2. $15 shipped each
  16. M

    1ST MODEL of a TACO with hanging 820 engine a predecessor to TACO WITH HOT SAUCE

    For Sale is what is the first model of a late 1964 or very early 1965 TACO with hanging WB 820 Power Bee engine. It preceeds the KING TACO and THE TACO WITH HOT SAUCE that is in the Steen's literature and timeline. I have completely taken the bike apart, Straightened things that needed slight...
  17. Danny01

    hot dog muffler modifying

    a while back I saw a post that had stated, poking/drilling out the middle of the hot dog/bullet muffler would give you a deeper tone... is this true? has anyone tried it before? any suggestions would be appreciated :thumbsup:
  18. T

    Hot rod Baja build

    New to forum need help figuring out how to post my pics.
  19. T

    Hot rod Baja build

    New guy to forum
  20. Taco Loco Joe

    TACO 99 covered in hot sauce!

    Picked this 1969 Taco 99 today for $175. The owner got it for partial payment for a job . He knew nothing about mini bikes. He originally wanted $225 but knocked $50 off for being late. well worth the 65 mile drive!