1. james ackerman

    Huffy hustler survivor
  2. J

    Huffy Hustler Seat and chain Guard

    Just got a Huffy Hustler and it is missing the seat and chain cover. If anybody has one or a direction to look please let me know. Located in southern MI.
  3. manchester1

    Huffy Hustler mini bike Seat

    My latest creation. Many hours. :scooter:
  4. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  5. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  6. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  7. B

    Huffy Hustler Survivor Ebay

    Huffy Hustler Vintage Mini Bike H0710 SURVIVOR original condition | eBay
  8. Abit1322

    Huffy hustler

    Hustler with 5hp Tecumseh, jack shaft brake, original head badge and frame tag. Sand blasted to metal, then painted. Motor and frame redone. Runs and rides. 600.00 OBO
  9. Harleys Papa

    Huffy Hustler rear fender

    Huffy Hustler rear fender, some surface rust on the under side but other wise straight :thumbsup: $100 shipped Pay Pal only + 3%. Shipped UPS ground with tracking number,if you want or need more pic's let me know :thumbsup:
  10. Huffy


  11. Huffy


  12. Huffy


  13. manchester1

    Huffy Hustler frame decals

    I am having some Huffy Hustler frame decals made. The squiggly line decals that go on the frame rails. If anybody else wants some, let me know soon. It will keep our printing cost down.:thumbsup:
  14. Huffy


  15. Huffy


  16. afcajun

    Help with H35 rebuild on my Huffy Hustler

    Hello everybody, I figured I'd move this question here where it belongs. See photos of my H35, I am missing some parts, I have no idea what the exact model numbers are because I am missing the engine shroud which kinda stinks cause I can't just look it up on tecumseh parts site. There are a few...
  17. tbird

    Huffy Hustler Decal

    Does anyone know of anybody that may have repop decals for a Huffy Hustler? I have a #5 hustler that I will be restoring.
  18. Sixpac440

    Cat99 Drive Clutch wanted ...

    Working on a Huffy Hustler weighing my options. Thanks! Kevin
  19. jeep4me

    Huffy Hustler Roller

    Selling a Huffy Hustler rolling frame. Has Manco wheels with decent tires. #41 sprocket mounted to rear wheel. Has original driven still mounted to jackshaft. Original kick stand. No cracks or rewelds that I have seen. Asking $220 PayPal or cash. No shipping, sorry.
  20. M

    Huffy Hustler Mini Bike Wanted

    Looking for a vintage Huffy Hustler mini bike in original or restored condition. Thank you.