Huffy Hustler frame decals

I am having some Huffy Hustler frame decals made. The squiggly line decals that go on the frame rails. If anybody else wants some, let me know soon. It will keep our printing cost down.:thumbsup:


Banned - Must pay $500
I'm in Co-Hoots with Karen on this one, I've done the art work.

However, to have them printed on clear as they were back in the day, is expensive.

To get cost down, is to print more than just 4 or 8.



Banned - Must pay $500
So far 16 White and 16 Yellow are pre ordered and sold :thumbsup:

Any other takers ? I'm still awaiting a Quote, so nothing is in stone.


Banned - Must pay $500
Hello, well no good news here yet, so far can't find anyone that will do them.

I should say, do a small run of them. If I wanted to do a few 100 they might think about it.

I'm thinking of doing a run of white and yellow ones, then put a clear over-lay on top of them.

So like the OG but, layered. Just to see how it works out. Or if its a bust.