Huffy Hustler Survivor Ebay

As a child I always associated the Huffy brand with cheap, low-end bicycles that were typically frowned upon. This Huffy mini bike however, is pretty sweet. Racing stripes, pin stripes, flames, what's not to like?
If it wasn't for someone mysteriously bumping the wouldn't have went for that much probably. And no..not saying the seller had it done....but someone was helping.
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Someone stole that at 485 IMO.
You should plan a trip to Wisconsin then. There's been a guy trying to sell one of those at the local swap meets for years. It's a complete bike, including clutch cover but it has been repainted (poorly). Someone told him it was "rare" and he's stuck at $650. I've literally seen it at least a dozen times, you'd think he'd get tired of hauling that thing around:laugh: