1. S

    Uncovered old Indian: What is it???

    Trying to identify what year/model this old Indian Dirt bike is. Any help would be appreciated. See attached pictures. If need any other specifics, ask away!
  2. K

    LIL Indian axles and wheels!

    I have a 2-piece LIL Indian frame that I'm trying to get rolling. I'm looking for axles that are 1/2" in diameter, some spacers and 5" or 6"wheels.
  3. markus

    Lil indian 2 speed engine clutch wanted other LI parts as well buy/trade

    I have an NOS driven assembly on the way and would like to find the correct 2 speed dual sprocket clutch if possible only because If I go original Its exposed so its gotta be the right clutch. complete clutch in good shape only though please. Also want/need an original 1968 only chainguard...
  4. 1968 victor

    lil indian?

    a friend of mine picked this up for me at a swap meet today.
  5. hotrodricky

    Lil Indian seat size

    Can anyone give me the dimensions of a model 500 Lil Indian seat?
  6. R

    Little Indian

    Hi all, I think this is my first post in this forum. I am not sure where to post this kind of thing! A few years back I received a neglected Little Indian. I intended to use it as a pit vehicle at the track. We restored it. We added a detachable side car also, which is kind neat. After...
  7. markus

    Now thats a bummer! Lil Indian sign

    Thats too bad it got as smashed as it did :censure: Very rare to see one of these signs pop up. Lil Indian Mini Bike Authorized Dealer Cracked Sign | eBay
  8. K

    Wanted lil indian kickstand

    Looking to purchase a lil indian kickstand for the 4 inch wheel bike anyone have one for sale
  9. K

    Lil indian grips

    Hello I am looking for a set of lil indian grips I would say they look checkered like the ones bonanza used made by cherry I do believe the lil Indians were slightly different anyone have a set for sale I believe they are OGK 68-2 Grips
  10. markus

    lil indian, ruttman, others grips

    My guy found me some more of these. correct grips for the lil indians, seen them on some Ruttmans, and even looks like maybe one or 2 of the cat bikes possibly 7/8" dummy and 1" throttle side, NOS $64 shipped

    F.S Carlisle Double Indian Head Tire N.O.S Lil Indian Ruttman other's

    Selling my N.O.S Carlisle Double Indian Head Tire N.O.S never been on a bike...Mint unused 4.10 x 3.50 X 4 ..Fits a 4 inch Rim.Used on Lil Indian,Ruttman and other bike's from the 60's/70's Asking $45.00 plus Shipping Paypal l:scooter::thumbsup:.
  12. K

    help indenify lil indian model

    can anyone help id this lil indian no hole on engine plate front fork bars do not bend forward has no fender mounts the foot peg bar looks like was removed I will weld one back on the serial number 2nd dgit is hard too read I'm thinking a 300 model ? has 7/8th in fork neck and the front frame...
  13. capguncowboy

    Cat 400x wheels, stars, sprocket and axles w/ Carlisle Double Indian Heads

    I have a set of 1969 Cat 400x wheels with original tires, sprocket, stars and axles. Have been repainted but not rust. Tires are in great shape, no cracks and lots of tread. Front wheel: 60 plus shipping Rear Wheel: 85 plus shipping I'll do $145 shipped on the pair. The kickstand...
  14. kyle moody

    lil indian disc brake spot brake

    in search of please call 317 340 5953 or just reply here thanks
  15. piglet

    A couple of lil indian questions

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my lil indian has only one fender. I've looked it doesn't look like there was ever a bracket on the forks. All the other ones I've seen have both fenders or none. Also was wondering the best way to clean up the wheels. Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    Lil Indian Trike

    Owned it since 1978 when I was a child. I recently have restored it but when I got it it did have a Lil Indian decal on the front handle bar and a tiny decal behind the back seat on the body. So I know it's not custom. Same motor, wheels and seat I added the cushion seat cover. I've searched and...
  17. markus

    Lil Indian NOS grips

    NOS OGK 68-2 grip set used on lil Indian $64 shipped
  18. markus

    Early 7/8" brake handle GoKart cycle Caper Rupp Dart Lil Indian etc..

    I had a couple members ask if I had any more of these after I sold one spare I had so I figured I'd post em here first. I had a picker looking for some for me, Low and behold he dug a few up just the other day and made me a deal on them!! Not sure the maker or the vintage, but these are from...
  19. hotrodricky

    Lil Indian forks

    I'm fabricating a set of forks. I had the trees laser cut and was under the assumption that all Lil Indian trees were the same? During the process I noticed that one set I have is a little larger but with the same spread? Thanks in advance, Rich