1. Cap'n kanuckles

    Vintage mag wheels

    Very nice,clean with sprocket. Tires are good,great tread no visible dry rot.$200 shipped.175.00local pick up.
  2. J

    "lil" indian seat stencil

    I'm trying to find a couple "lil" indian seat stencils for a project i'm working on,if anyone has any please let me know joem
  3. H

    Indian me100 and mx76

    Want to buy for 74 Indian me100 standard bore piston rings two sets and 1 me100 exhaust pipe and for the mx76 I need two 3.25/15 rear motocross tire and two 2.75/17 front tires
  4. D

    Lil Indian or Rupp identification

    Hi this is my first post on this forum. I am trying to identify my mini bike. When I bought it a couple years ago it was advertised to me as a Lil Indian and it has a Lil Indian sticker but I noticed the tires it has are Rupp. I was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable individuals could...
  5. ugmold

    4 inch wheels for my Lil Indian

    The title pretty much says it all, I recently got a Lil Indian (700?) with bogus wheels, would love to get mags, but they are too pricey, looking for something stock and fairly clean.
  6. K

    lil indian tecumseh engine

    is this the right engine for a lil indian mini bike
  7. Tom S.

    Lil' Indian Find

    I was so sad to miss that Powell yesterday, but the minibike fairy smiled on me overnight and led me to this Lil' Indian this morning. I haven't looked at CL in weeks, but peeked at it on a whim during breakfast and found this mini in Vancouver, Wash., just an hour from home. The seller was...
  8. Cap'n kanuckles

    Late 60's lil indian 500

    This little Indian 500 runs and rides looks to have original paint has original disc brake original seat original motor,original clutch guard, only things I see on the bike that aren't right are the grips and the clutch has four inch wheels with original tires. Original Fenders are still on the...
  9. T

    Lil Indian minibike rebuild

    Does anyone have a picture of the kickstand used and how mounted on a old Lil Indian minibike?
  10. J

    WTB - Carlisle 4.10 / 3.50 - 5 (Double Indian Head) Tires

    Looking for NOS or (Very Good Shape) set of these Carlisle tires for a Ruttman I am re-doing. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you !
  11. K

    i think its a lil indian but not sure.

    just bought it and was told very little beside it maybe a lil indian. would like to restore it close to orignal. please help
  12. cheezy1


    Some days I look at stuff and the people spend any time really researching things. My guess with this little gem they did not. They may be off a few years considering it is a 1975 really. :laugh: 1959 LIL INDIAN MINI BIKE COMPLETE | eBay
  13. JimmyC

    Lil Indian reproduction?

    My son picked this up and was wondering if it's a reproduction. He asked me to post to get some information on it. The fenders are plastic. Any information is appreciated. Thanks JimmyC
  14. cheezy1

    Lil Indian chopper....part 2

    Ok..been a long time since I bought a bike.....very very long time. Since I had the yellow version of the Lil Indian Outlaw 2 chopper and it has never seen outside of my basement since I assemble it ....I had to get the purple version for a cruiser. Gonna take it apart and put an old flatty on...
  15. ugmold

    Old Lil Indian I just picked up

    An old Lil Indian popped up on Craigs List and I bought it. A little crusty, but all there. Don't know the model or year, has a foot/scrub brake, it does have the brackets for the sprocket disc brake, 2hp Briggs and actually started on the 3rd pull with a squirt of gas. Gonna take my time...
  16. L

    Lil Indian mini bike Mag wheel rims 4'

    Lil Indian mini bike Mag wheel rims 4' early take offs. Nice condition $250.00 248-628-0261
  17. kyle moody

    just finished lil indian build

  18. D

    Old Rupp, What year and model is it??

    I got this Rupp. What year and model I put on a wider rear swingarm but I kept all of the original parts, swingarm, wheels, brakes... Anyone interested?
  19. D

    Is it an Indian? Make/Model/Year?

    Fun toys!!
  20. nds1968

    Lil Indian 700

    I picked up another Lil Indian, looks to be mostly original. I need to take a closer look at it still. I didn't try to start it and the brake cable is frozen. I'll have to try to fix the rear fender some cause it is bothering me the way it looks...