1. upbox17

    help identifying old cat (?) minibike

    I'm trying to restore this old mini bike I got from a dude, pretty sure its some model of cat, And I'm also wondering If I can get any help finding what axles it uses and what rear shocks, And is it possible to find a seat that will work easily, And if there's any way to easily add brakes other...
  2. JCPenney Ad with Duster MX

    JCPenney Ad with Duster MX

  3. RenoMiniBike

    In need of “Big Blue” dimensions and advice

    Hello All, I am in the process of rebuilding a 1972(ish) JCPenney “Big Blue” mini bike and need some dimensions and advice from the collective. 1. Front Finder: - How long is the original fender? - How far from the front of the finder to where it was tack welded to the front forks? 2...
  4. The Project

    The Project

    Well, it's ugly, but it's a start. JCPenney Foremost "Big Blue".
  5. RuppChopperPaul

    JCPenney Swinger Trail

    Well, I didn't finish this for the 2016 Build-Off so I am moving the final stages of this build over here to Projects & Rides. Unfortunately I had to rely on too many other people/resources to complete my Rupp, also I under estimated the number of parts and cost of the build. Hopefully my...

    1973 JCPenney Digger Mini Bike

    1973 Bird Digger Minibike Made by Bird for JC Penny Parts Bike not Complete | eBay

    Picked up JCPenney Digger

    Pretty much intact except brake cable, carb and breather. Lil rough chrome but fiberglass with no cracks or splits. Prolly have new seat made. Good compression. Haven't checked for spark yet.
  8. oldminisam

    Early 70's JCPenney Mini-Chopper

    Looking for an early 1970's JCPenney's Mini-Chopper. They had a 3.5 or 4.0 H.P. Tecumseh engine and were "purple" in color.
  9. D

    Wanted, JCPenney ELTigre

    I am looking for a 1969/70 ELTigre Bike in good or restored Shape. Need to ship it to Alabama if Purchased. Serious Buyer. Please contact me here or at
  10. Square_Chopper

    JCPenney el Tigre Roller

    Selling the roller only. H35, intake, exhaust, and clutch not included in sale. Chrome frame el Tigre w/ clear coat it. Kenny 8ball custom lower profile repo seat. OEM rear wheel and sprocket. Astro wheel in front. Forks were rebuilt and suspension moves freely. Can't remember what the...
  11. Square_Chopper

    WTB JCPenney El Tigre Chain Guard

    I know......good luck :rolleyes: But wth?! Never hurts to ask, right? I figure if I can't find it here, I ain't likely to find it so...... Anybody have one? Pm me if you do and don't want some kind of :out: :out: :out: amount of money for it. :glare: Thanks!
  12. Square_Chopper

    WTB: JCPenney El Tigre chrome forks

    Anyone have a set laying in the pile? Does not have to be perfect chrome, "mostly shiny" will do nicely.... Anyone?
  13. 45t

    JcPenney Duster Clutch Decal photo?

    I'm going to have the Penneys Duster Clutch cover decal made but I cannot find a closeup shot example of the original. I've searched OldMiniBikes and all I can come up with is a pic of the Penneys catelog, and the decal is not clear. Does anyone have a nice example of the original? :shrug...
  14. 45t

    Bird JcPenney ElTigre

    I'm putting this out there to see if anyone is interested. I think its a 1971ish model year. It still has the model plate on the frame "J.C. Penneys model 5309". It has a 3hp Briggs that runs good and can carry my 200lbs around just fine. It has new tubes & Carlisle 4.10-6NHS tires and comes...
  15. 45t

    JcPenney Duster project

    I mocked up the Duster before it gets welding & painting done. It will be a fun project. I look forward to building it as close as I can to how my childhood Duster looked. It goes to the welder tomorrow then back to me for paint. I have someone working on remaking the decals and I already got...
  16. 45t

    Need help JcPenney Duster rear decal pic?

    I'm in need of a picture of the rear decal for a JcPenneys Duster (Purple colored Duster). I thought I saw one somewhere on here before but I'm unable to locate it. The decal is located on a plate mounted on the rear of the frame just below the seat. I'm having a graffic designer friend make...
  17. Casey Davis

    Duster M/X - JCPenney

    Found a decent roller to build over the weekend. Needs bars, fenders, front coil springs, and other parts. It is something I can build though. I'm a Cat fan so this is as close as I could find locally. Looking for a set of Cat bars and fenders first right now. Anyone else have this...
  18. Putt-Putt

    Foremost and JC Penney

    I know Bird Engineering made Mini Bikes for various distributors. But were "FOREMOST" / Bird Mini Bikes distributed by JC Penney exclusively? Thanks.
  19. 1stlegendtx

    JCPenney Steen/Alsport ???

    Its got the Tomsprops ft end.