1. S

    any powdercoating in michigan

    Is there anyone in west michigan who does powdercoating for the minis? Im currently setting up my powdercoating shop and need some stuff done so ill have to have it done. Thanks guys!!
  2. markus

    powdercoating briggs tanks

    I've seen it mentioned that tanks like the rupp dont fair too well at the seam when they get in the oven to bake, do the briggs tanks hold up or will the seam let loose on those as well?
  3. M

    Blasting and powdercoating in Toronto area

    Anyone have any well priced shops for getting something prepped and coated in the GTA? I've decided to get my bike up and running again. Thinking about protecting the frame from rust.
  4. 93notch408

    removing powdercoating off a frame..

    im in the preocess of removing the powdercoat off my db-30 and its a PAIN IN THE A$$ i wire wheeled it for an hour to get not ever 1/4 of a side done...is there any easyer way to remove it
  5. countstevula

    Share your most expensive powdercoating quote...

    $310 to media blast and powdercoat a frame, fork, engine tins, wheels, hubs, bars, etc.
  6. J

    Powdercoating and water slide decals??

    Okay, here is the first of many questions I will be asking :smile: I have a 1976 Indian M5A I am starting to restore. Although I'm a ways off from painting, I want to get all the info I need so I'm not stuck waiting when the time comes. I picked out my powdercoat color for the tank and...
  7. W

    powdercoating handlebars question

    Question to anyone who has powdercoated handlebars..... Does the thickness of the powdercoat interfere with the throttle assembly from sliding and rotating smoothly on the handlebar? I have a used throttle that I was test fitting on some chrome bars and they slide smooth. On some enamel...
  8. Mach 1

    powdercoating near romulus

    Hi everyone new to this site restoring an old Harrison wildcat , I need a good powdercoater near romulus ?
  9. M

    What to do with these wheels?

    Looking to freshen up this Cat Wildcat bike that I picked up recently and I want to start with the wheels. Any ideas? One wheel has a lot of surface rust which may or may come off completely and the chrome on the other is peeling in places. So if I want rattle can paint them I'm not sure...
  10. P


    Approx how much should it cost for powdercoating a typical mini-bike frame? If the frame needs sandblasting what should be the approx cost. I know that there are contributing factors but I am just looking for a ballpark figure so I don't get riped too badly! Also, I live in SoCal if that makes...