Powell Challenger B frame

    Bringing this one back to life. Any information or parts insight would be super helpful.
  2. G

    Original Powell Challenger for Sale

    100% original gem for sale. Powell Challenger 100 mini bike. Serial number 2931-D. Even the torque converter belt is original. Not a rebuild-never dismantled or “wrenched” on. Gear teeth are unworn-all bolt heads throughout are perfect. Chain tensioners looked untouched. EVERYTHING works...
  3. Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket
  4. Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket
  5. Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket

    Powell seat bracket
  6. Powell mini bike

    Powell mini bike

    Powell seat
  7. Powell mini bike

    Powell mini bike

    Powell seat
  8. Tom S.

    The Powell I Just Missed

    My work often takes me to tow lots. Last week I was at a tow lot that I visit often, and I saw a big flatbed trailer loaded with old motorcycles. Most were in pieces and they were all rusty and ruined. Then I spied this Powell on top of the heap. It was all rusty, too, but it looked complete. It...
  9. David wulf

    1967 Powell challenger B model redo

    Yep boys I'am back at it hacking up another rare vintage minibike . This time there's a good reason I'am building another flat track minibike , this ones for my brother Doug . Really all I'am doing is replacing the down tubes , because there bent and have road rash . Also this older model Powell...
  10. bigevilone2

    Early Powell Maybe Saape shifter engine mounted

    Early Powell shifter that bolts to engine. The gate is a new repro by Scottessy that he made for me. The shifter could use a little tweaking but will work. The bolt that holds it to the engine is included. Price is $100.00 shipped PAYPAL ONLY ! Thanks for looking.
  11. bigevilone2

    Powell Salsbury driver and driven

    Powell clutch for sale. Needs to be cleaned up. All parts are there. NO BELT ! $115.00 Shipped PAYPAL ONLY ! Thanks for looking !
  12. powell_seat_bracket


  13. OND

    POWELL 2611 D Member needs help ?

    Helping out a new member on his Powell 2611 D bike , He's needing some help.. but he has a lot of original parts to start with and a nice roller all ready. Heres his pics ...from 67chevyll (Brandin ) Welcome aboard Brandin !
  14. 6

    Powell Help needed

    I am looking for some help on a D model Powell. I need a throttle cable and need to know where to purchase a belt for the Torque Converter. I am also in need for the spring that works the rear brake. Thx...
  15. H

    Powell 8" General tires

    Looking for a pair of General no's or great shape tires. 412-277-5803. Thanks
  16. Hounddog

    Powell Seat

    Original Powell Seat. Needs to be reupholstered, but metal frame etc in good condition with only light surface rust. Also includes original Powell Wingnut bolt for seat mount to frame. Asking $75 plus shipping....Thanks HD
  17. Powell Phantom seat

    Powell Phantom seat

    Powell Phantom seat
  18. bikebudy

    Powell BROS Decals

    Upper decal, misprint ( No " I " in, CALIF ) 6.00 US Shipped Lower decal 8.00 US Shipped 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  19. pomfish

    What model Powell?

    Friend of mine picked this up. Is it possibly a Phantom? Has that style brake maybe. Pictures are not the best but it all he sent me. Thanks! Keith
  20. P

    Powell challenger help

    Hi i am the owner of 2 powell challenger mini bikes. One is an A model and the other is a K Looking for help on the years of manufacture. And any other specs. 1357-A 6099-k