1. chatten63

    3 hp briggs pto cover for lil indian raffle bike

    This is the correct style cover I am looking for. No rear fill. No governor arm on side. Must be webbed. Bushing motor. Late 1960s to early 1970s. Thank you Rick.
  2. nds1968

    Reunion raffle bike

    vintage ARCO mini bike 2016 minibike reunion raffle bike! | eBay
  3. M

    2016 mini bike reunion raffle minibike 4 sale!

    Hi All, I have the 2016 mini bike reunion winning raffle arco mini bike 4 sale! Talked with my daughter and said sell it dad! I hope some one among us all will enjoy the mini bike! We are asking $800.00 or best offers on this special mini bike.See all pictures! Comes complete with all items...
  4. M

    2016 Windber raffle minibike what 2 do/discussion?

    Hi All, I, butcherbill (mini bike dad) won the 2016 Arco beautifully/totally restored minibike this year at the minibike reunion in Windber,Pa.I know,I know, I won two in 8 yrs.! I planned on surprising/giving it 2 my 15 yr. daughter. Well it did not go as planned, she wants nothing 2 do with...
  5. chatten63

    2017 Lil Indian raffle bike.

    The 2017 windber raffle bike is a 1965-1966 Lil Indian. Serial number 21266. If anyone on here knows how to date code this bike it would be great. I have a couple ideas on dating it. 2-February. 12 th day. 66 year. Or 212th bike built in 1966. If any of you remember back a few months ago...
  6. chatten63

    2016 Windber raffle bike thoughts

    I have been thinking about this for awhile now. 2 years ago I bought a Arco 3600 series at Windber it is mostly complete missing a few parts. I believe it uses the long chain cover. Not sure on what motor it takes. I know it should be a tecumseh. Seat is taken care of if this happens. The last...

    Last chance mini bike meet sept 16-18 2011

    MOTOR CITY MINI'S SEPT 16-18 2011 FALL SWAP/SELL Is now selling raffle tickets for a Restored 1968 Sensation Go-Devil model 104 minibike. Call Bryan at Motor City Mini's 734-992-3648 during business hours for ticket info. TUES-FRI 5PM-9PM SAT 12PM-8PM Tickets will be held at Motor City Mini's...