1. J

    71 Arctic Cat Screamer, How many made?

    How many Screamers were made in 71?
  2. 6

    Arctic Screamer Detroit craigslist

    see Detroit craigslist
  3. 1981 Manco Streaker and Screamer

    1981 Manco Streaker and Screamer

  4. P

    screamer ebay

    a friend had one if these back in the day, the cat dealer only could get one, and my buddy got it, he blew engine the first summer, but it was very fast 1971 Arctic Cat Screamer Vintage Mini Bike West Bend 820 Bonanza Rupp Speedway | eBay
  5. G

    Artic cat Screamer mini bike parts.

    Hi all I picked up a screamer at a yard sale. It's all complete and in storage since 74. I know I need a pull start or maybe the paul if you know where I can get one. Maybe a carb kit if I can get it going. As far as I know it's all original with the Chrysler 134cc engine. Thanks for any help...
  6. 6

    Mint restored REAL Arctic Cat Screamer-awesome!!

    Restored with real arctic cat parts except for repo tank decals.Older pic but will have my son take more & email to serious buyers. has nos engine & will include original with header 82019 located in Troy Mi. 48085 I will disassemble & ship in 3 boxes at buyers expence but would recommend...
  7. Iron Honky

    She's a screamer

    New find today. Was in pieces in box. Started assembling it. Needs back exhaust(which I'll never find) and chrome tank. And a drive clutch part. Also needs a new sprocket spacer. Not sure what is in store for this hard to find gem.
  8. slywilliez

    NEED Arctic cat screamer exhaust

    I am lookin for an Arctic cat screamer exhaust manifold and muffler.
  9. slywilliez

    Barn find Screamer

    This is my latest barn find. It is an early production Arctic Cat Screamer. The bike is missing a few things but that is what makes it fun. The bike blew up and that was the end of the screamers life. Look at the 1/4" glove in the cylinder Ouch. This is my 3rd screamer this year lol.
  10. D

    Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust - Reproduction

    I am considering reproducing the Arctic Cat Sreamer exhaust pipe. I know this won't be a high volume seller, but would like to guage interest before starting the project. Please let me know if there is any interest.
  11. slywilliez

    Arctic cat screamer exhaust

    I am looking for an Arctic cat screamer muffler and chrome tank. The muffler looks like a small cherry bomb lol.
  12. 6

    Arctic Cats for sale Screamer, Ramrod, Climber

    All very nice very original mini bikes Screamer $2500 Ramrod $1250 Climber $750 located just north of Detroit- willing to box & ship email 248 457 0291 I will email pics to serious buyers or call
  13. J

    Need help with a Screamer project

    Ive been looking for one of these forever with no luck in finding one. So I says to self "build one you F'n idiot" I searched the forum to no end with no luck in finding what I want, and need answers for. I have 90% of what will be need for the project. What I don't have are close up pics...
  14. F

    Arctic Cat Screamer doesn't scream

    About a year ago my buddy bought the so called "over restored" screamer off ebay;after finishing it up and fixing all the cobbled together parts,replacing bearings,cables,etc. it fired right up and the engine runs terrific;it did however have the wrong sprocket on the jackshaft. At the time we...
  15. cbmcln

    AC Screamer Starter cup needed!

    I have a 71 Screamer that needs a starter cup. That's all it needs to run before I sell it.
  16. 6

    Arctic Cat Screamer complete for sale

    Rare, rare, rare. Complete Arctic Cat Screamer that needs restoration.West bend 820,salsbury 330 driver & driven,tillotson 189A carb,original header & cast iron muffler,original tires,seat -even still has original arctic cat drive belt.The recoil spring broke & was told that was when it was put...

    The Screamer had a good day!

    I went to a local car show over the weekend with my 1968 Chevy C-10 and my Arctic Cat Screamer. I entered both in the show and the Screamer placed 2nd in the motorcycle class! There was a dozen bikes at the show with mine being the only mini. There were a ton of people that never knew Arctic...
  18. jellis

    Unknown Arctic cat? Homeade?

    I got these parts from an old arctic cat dealer ship and do not know what they belong to. The seat with shocks look homeade. But the fender?? HELP!!!
  19. R

    WTB Arctic Cat Screamer

    I am looking for a screamer. Let me know if you know anyone who has one, or if you have one. Preferably one in Western MA. But I will pay for shipping also. Thanks! Dan