1. FunWithStuff

    Hillarious ad on Craigslist

    Was searching around on Craigslist and found this hillarious ad. Thought I would share it here for anyone that needs some humor right now.
  2. H

    Buying & Selling on

    Just to clear some current confusion, if you plan to sell on as a "business" or in a way that you're consistently making money from the forum, whether it's from used parts, bikes, or new parts I'm going to ask that you become a Vendor. For the past few years I have let people...
  3. slywilliez

    Selling my Show BC1300 sh on ebay

    Bonanza 1300 SH Minibike Mini Bike Frame Rupp Taco Vintage Speedway RARE | eBay It is time to sell, i am selling my first bonanza i restored and spent a lot of money doing it. Take a look, thanks
  4. N

    Selling my bonanza on eBay check it out

    Bonanza MX1410 Mini Bike | eBay
  5. Dragbikemini

    Selling yerf dog#3

    Selling yerf dog #3 I'll try and post up pics later but if interested text me 914-494-1288 for some detailed pics. Rescued this from a friends backyard. Comet drive seems to be intact and original. No engine just a roller that needs tlc. Cross posted here. Thanks OldMiniBikes...
  6. gumpit

    Anybody selling a Montgomery Ward T555?

    Got one or know of one on your local Craigslist?
  7. dw1973

    Selling some items

    Safticycle Sidecar box - well built. $275 Deepco clutch for 3/4 shaft $150 Simplex Sportsman senior rear rim with brake $100 Simplex Sportsman Senior front and rear fender $75 Simplex Sportsman Senior Tecumseh motor for parts/ has lighting coil $75 Simplex Sportsman Senior tank decal $25 1982...
  8. nds1968

    Lil Indian 4" spoke wheels

    I had these bead blasted and burnished. They are in nice shape but not perfect. There is some pitting and small scratches/nicks. One wheel has pitting that is noticeable and I was going to make that the sprocket side. Only selling because I've decided to use steel wheels. Any questions...
  9. nds1968

    Boonie fibergass cover

    I have this fiberglass cover I purchased from a member. This is brand new and never mounted. He did top notch work on this cover and its very nice. Its ready to be mounted and enjoyed :scooter: I'm only selling because I bought an original steel cover. Heathkit Boonie Bike Fiberglass...
  10. jeep4me

    T-Nuts for Mini Bike Seats

    I've got a couple different sizes of T-nuts I'm selling. 1/4" - 20 w/ 7/16" shank 1/4" - 20 w/ 5/16" shank 1/4" - 20 type E insert nut, 7/16" length Selling in lots of 50 and 100. $8 per 50 $15 per 100, shipped PayPal preferred.
  11. jeep4me

    Heald Super Bronc 3W

    A friend of mine is selling his Super Bronc 3W three wheelwe He had this at Ann Arbor a few weeks ago, but didn't have any luck selling it. He's lowered the price and is hoping to move it along. Custom Vintage Heald Super Bronc Trike
  12. I

    Selling a dellorto L22 Throttle

    Hi, I just came across this dellorto L22 throttle that came on a bike i got, i have no use for it. It has dellorto l22 stamped on it. Selling for 15 dollars plus shipping. I will post pictures as soon as i can.
  13. jeep4me

    NOS General 5.30x4.3 x 6 tires

    Picked up this set of General 5.30/4.50x6, had I realized they not what I needed. Selling set for $110 shipped

    Selling my last Little Petro with Sidecar!

    Little Petro Mini Bike Minibike Vintage Scooter RARE Art Linkletter Howdy Doody | eBay
  15. Full Throttle

    hot racing coil

    Anybody had or have any experience with a NGK hot racing coil that's being sold on ebay for a gx200 and clones? I seem to think maybe seller is being dishonest by just changing the wire and boot to a different color. Can't get the seller to answer any of my questions about the the performance of...
  16. UnorthodoxCreat

    HS50 Gas Tank

    Selling my gas tank off my Tecumseh HS50. Includes the tank, cap and brackets pictured. No cracks. Selling because I'm switching to a rear mount tank on my Montgomery Wards bike. $30 shipped to the continental US.
  17. slywilliez

    Survivor skat kitty ebay

    Hey, i am selling this Survivor Skat Kitty for my Dad. He is selling to fund something that is not mini bike related. I dont approve but, its not mine. Awesome bike i hope some on here gets it. 1964 Skat Kitty Original Survivor Mini Bike Skat Kitty Bonanza Rupp Speedway Cat | eBay
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Picked up 3 more Tevumseh's

    Did some Long Island pickin. Found three nice ones. Going to be selling some engines soon. Way over stocked. The pile H35 HS50 OHH60 Found a new brake too...