1. H

    sensation chopper sissy bar

    WTB Sensation chopper sissy bar and pad if anyone has one they are willing to part with
  2. T

    Sensation chopper

    Here's a Sensation chopper I thought I would share, it's 95% original, I completely disassembled it and hand cleaned every part, I think it came out pretty good, I hope you like it.
  3. Daniel Coop

    Daniel Coop's - Sensation Mike Bike custom bobber - (Vintage Open)

    My humble entry into the Vintage Open Class. Picked up this Sensation Mike Bike off Craigslist locally a few months ago, and after much deliberation I have chosen this as one of my Build-Off bikes. Out of the few choices, this one probably needs the most love as it had been wrecked and...
  4. C

    Sensation MB6A rear sprocket

    I'm Looking for a rear drive sprocket for my Sensation MB6A (MIKE BIKE). Any help would be great, Thanks everyone! Steve.
  5. C

    Sensation MB6A parts

    I'm looking for parts for a sensation " MIKE BIKE" . I need a rear wheel w/sprocket(cast 3 spoke alloy) Seat, Throttle and any info I can get, Thanks, Steve.
  6. Thad

    The fimco made by sensation.

    Today I found a dream. A complete survivor fimco made by sensation. It has a Briggs that has the fimco serial number, a rounded bottom chain guard similar to the bikes made by fimco. The frame is red with a white spring under the forks. I,was amazed and paid way more than I should have. This...
  7. Whisper Jet XL / Sensation Chopper Mini-Bikes

    Whisper Jet XL / Sensation Chopper Mini-Bikes

    The only 2 photos I have of our old bikes, 1971/1972.
  8. Whisper Jet XL / Sensation Chopper Mini-Bikes

    Whisper Jet XL / Sensation Chopper Mini-Bikes

    The only 2 photos I have of our old bikes, 1971/1972.
  9. P

    Sensation? Have to sell, curious as to value

    I've owned this beautiful old bike, I believe it's a Sensation, or Go-Devil? Not sure. Bought it and put some time and money into restoring it, but have to let it go, and wonder if anyone has any idea of it's possible value. If I won't get much, I'll hang onto it, but if there are buyers out...
  10. Eliminator

    SENSATION MB-6 roller, 6" sensation wheels..

    Sensation mini bike made in Nebraska MB-6 project. Both wheels are Sensation 6 inch. Frame's had welding here and there over it's life and the scrub brake pad is now just a flat welded piece of steel. Rear wheel is the bolt on sprocket type. PRICE is $150 LOCATION is Wetwood MA. 02090...
  11. T

    Sensation Brake Scrub/Pad

    After suffering a spell with CRS, I misplaced this piece during my year long refurbish. Please help me with my recovery. I have lots of things to trade or cash...
  12. gammatg

    Any members from Central New York pick up this Sensation?

    Nice little original bike at a steal of a price.
  13. minikenny

    Sensation Go-Devil

    I'm going to try and see or buy a Sensation Go-Devil if it is all original (?) I want to be sure what to look for since I haven't seen one in person. 1) I'm guessing the engine should be lighted HS40...? Seller claims 5hp I hope he's wrong. 2) Any special pattern or writing on the seat...
  14. H

    Sensation sprocket and spacers

    I'm looking for a sensation stroker and spacers and a sensation chopper seat thanks eddie
  15. Iron Honky

    6" sensation front rim

    6" Sensation front rim for sale. Little dirty but will clean up nice. Asking $40 shipped
  16. chrismh

    Looking for a sensation kick stand

    Hi Ya'll Looking for a sensation kick stand or spec's and a picture, for my Bike I am restoring. Thanks...Chrismh
  17. T

    Sensation Clutch Guard

    Hello team. I am in need of a Sensation clutch guard. Its the last piece needed for my chopper. Have cash or goodies to trade. Thanks.
  18. gearnoggin

    Sensation Mini Chopper project

    Hello all. I haven't posted in a while. Still working on my Lil Indian Sabre. Just ordered new tires and an OldMiniBikes clutch brake kit for it off ebay. Found myself another project last week. My cousin has had this Sensation Mini Chopper sitting on his porch for about a year since he lost interest in...
  19. Sensation Mini Chopper after I got it home

    Sensation Mini Chopper after I got it home

    As soon as I got it home I stripped all the crap off of it. Now I just have to start finding some decent parts to put it back together with. The oringinal front wheel was gone and the back wheel is junk.
  20. Sensation Mini Chopper when I found it

    Sensation Mini Chopper when I found it

    My Sensation had a riding mower seat bolted to it when I first found it. Also had a motor cycle fender wedged in between the springs.