1. G

    What is this brake setup?

    I just purchased this home made bike and the brake leaves a bit to be desired. I am wondering if the brake lever should be rotated around and redone? I never had a set up like this before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary M
  2. B

    Coleman ct200u jackshaft setup new

    I have this new only mounted Coleman ct200u jackshaft setup. Plate, cover, tensioner, bearings , chain and shaft are new. Sprockets are used but in great shape as far as I can tell. I also have a brand new clutch not pictured. $85 shipped
  3. Not so mini bike

    NOS Comet 2 speed jackshaft setup

    Like it says up there. $158 shipped
  4. Ruppelstiltskin

    Help with Room Temp Hemi Setup

    So I have done some reading through build threads and know a bit but hope to learn a bit more here. So I just picked up a new Hemi motor from my buddy. He played around with it but only bench fired it a few times. He pulled the governor, oil sensor, tank and installed open air filter with carb...
  5. B

    Coleman ct200u original jackshaft setup

    Looking to see if anyone has a jackshaft set up that they removed and aren't using. I've had a ct200u I picked up cheap in the back of the garage, pulled it out today and the jackshaft is bent. If cash wasn't tight I'd buy the aftermarket one. Thanks guys.
  6. B

    H Engine governor setup

    Looking to see if there any adjustments to the governor or to see if I have it set correctly before I paint it. Engine runs great, I had to adjust the small arm on the governor arm for the linkage to work correctly. Does the governor spring have any impact if it has been replace with the...
  7. maknwar

    MCP brake setup for foot

    Anyone ever rig up a MCP brake kit to a mini bike? Left foot pedal brake would be interesting. Seems it wouldn't be too hard if I had a welder and the MCP mini lite caliper would be small enough to mount maybe.
  8. trinik7597

    22mm mikuni setup Honda / clone / predator

    Complete 22mm mikuni setup for Honda/clone/predator . Only slightly used in like new condition . Uni filter , and intake included $70 shipped
  9. Butchc14

    has anyone ever seen a reed setup like this

    the reeds are in the cylinders a piston pulls the fuel into the bottom of the cylinder then on the up stroke forces it down threw check valves into the crankcase out into a manifold up to the intake ports in the top of the cylinder. I can find nothing on this setup.
  10. Not so mini bike

    Fairbanks morse tc setup asymmetrical

    This is like the same set up Rupps used but it's asymmetrical instead of symmetrical. Basically it's like a 30 series instead of 20 series. This set up came from a fox thunder bolt. Driver was taking apart and cleaned up so it functions properly. Driven has good spring back. Comes with clutch...
  11. james ackerman

    Original manco trailcat fenders and rear wheel setup.

    I have a manco trail cat, and with the photo section down I'm having trouble figuring these things out, looking for photos of original fenders front and rear and how the rear wheel is originally set up. I know there was a drum for a band brake on the right side but was there a spacer on the left...
  12. Lubbs

    3 boonie bikes, 1 bonanze 1300, and a Boonie 2 speeds setup 4 for

    In SE Michigan Bikes 4 MiniBikes for sale 3x Boonie bikes 1 Bonanza
  13. trinik7597

    Complete tristar rear wheel setup

    Selling 1 8" tristar wheel with street tire , sprocket , drum brake , cable and lever $95 shipped text for pics 845-505-2198
  14. Not so mini bike

    Roper 2 speed setup

    2 speed setup from a Sears roper. Everything in pic is included. Worked good on bike. Brake band and puck work as well. $260 shipped
  15. FloridaMiniBikes

    Wanted: Rear Stellar 6 inch wheel sprocket brake setup

    Really, any 6 inch rear wheel, sprocket and internal brake setup will work. Toss me a line, let me know what ya have and $$ shipped to Florida. Thanks for sure.
  16. Doc1976

    Briggs 3HP carb setup

    Like the title says, 3HP. I am currently rebuilding it and trying to decide on the intake. I am thinking instead of the factory setup going with the Tecumseh H35 carb actually a imitation one but that style. I will be making an intake manifold for it. Any suggestions for or against this setup...
  17. Jordanminibike

    Best way to setup front brake on doodlebug

    Anyone have ideas on a front brake for a doodlebug? Thanks!
  18. slmcneil

    Cat real wheel for disk brake setup

    im looking for a cat rear wheel with disk brake setup for a cat eliminator
  19. T

    Adding a disk brake setup on drum wheels?

    Do disk brakes only attach to a flange thats welded to the wheel itself? My rear wheel has drum brakes so there is nothing to bolt a rotor onto. Is changing the wheels the only option? It's a Coleman ct200u, looks to use the same wheels as the Baja mb200