1. C

    71 skeeter 450 engine

    Starting a restore on a 450 BSE engine. There seems to be a plug missing on the left front crankcase just ahead of the pto. Does anyone know what kind of plug or piece should of been there?
  2. C

    1971 moto skeeter 450

    Greeting. I have just joined the forum. I am going to pick up a 71 moto skeeter 450 tomorrow. This will be the first mini i have owned in about 45 years. Looking forward to discussing and being schooled on this old iron. Thanks cb750f
  3. myjunk

    1972 Moto Skeeter parts

    I have these parts for a Moto Skeeter, I believe they fit the 550 or 650. $75.00
  4. myjunk

    Moto Skeeter Rolling chassis 550, 650 $75

    Well, kind of a rolling chassis, everything you see in the picture. I think it goes to a 1972 550 or 650. I live in the northern part of Michigan, but do have a friend in Flint, so if you aren't in a hurry I can get it that far. $75
  5. S

    Moto skeeter 650 decals

    Looking for some decals for a Moto skeeter 650 and a rear fender,rear light, headlight
  6. J

    Moto skeeter 450 belt -> Size or number etc.

    Anybody know the size of the belt for the clutch? Its a moto-skeeter 450. thanks
  7. pro tc

    Moto skeeter

    It's close to me if someone want's it Moto Skeeter Canadian Mini Bike Japan 2 Stroke Motor Rupp Speedway | eBay
  8. J

    moto skeeter 450 IGNITION COIL problem

    Hi i have a problem with my moto skeeter 450 IGNITION COIL, it *****ed. Parts that i would need page. 6 fig. 6 , part 2 and 3: 106-70110-08 Generating Assembly 106-70247-08 T.C.I. Unit Seems there is no way i can get these so i...
  9. Mean Dean

    1971 Moto Skeeter 550

    Pretty much a survivor except the Torque Converter cover that I can tell. Runs good but has been sitting some. Seat has a few tears. $750, OBO.
  10. Bananas for Bonanzas

    Mystery rubber washers?! Moto Skeeter

    Does anybody know a source for this type of rubber washer? It's meant for a steel washer to sit inside of the recessed area. The steel washer is about the size of a quarter. I'm trying to finish my Moto Skeeter, and I can't seem to find these anywhere.
  11. P

    moto skeeter

    I'm new here, so I hope I have placed this in the right category. I always wanted one of these as a kid-many years later I finally own a 450. It runs great, but as you can see there are a few parts missing, and the recoil housing is welded on by a previous owner. I know original parts are (just...
  12. 2

    BSE 5.5 from Moto Skeeter 550s

    Hello again all, So I've got two Moto Skeeter 550s. Until recently, both ran like a charm, then one won't start any longer. Compression testing shows 100 psi for the 'running' skeeter and only 60 for the other. So I guess that tells the tale....curious though, what kind of compression...
  13. Jag57

    BSE moto skeeter carb help?

    has anybody have any experience with this carb orig 450 bse 2 cycle carb i'm going to try it tomorrow it don't want to idle (just off and loud) :shrug:
  14. Moto Skeeter Pics

    Moto Skeeter Pics

  15. Moto Skeeter Pics

    Moto Skeeter Pics

  16. Moto Skeeter Pics

    Moto Skeeter Pics

  17. Moto Skeeter Pics

    Moto Skeeter Pics

  18. Moto Skeeter Pics

    Moto Skeeter Pics

  19. 2

    Moto Skeeter 650s - few questions

    Hello all, relatively new, poster, been cruising and reading when I can for a little while...educating myself... as the title of my thread would suggest, I have 2x Moto Skeeters, BSE 5.5 motors, complete and (usually) in running order. I've restored them to running condition (not museum...
  20. S

    moto skeeter

    Hello old mini bike aficionados, I'm Francis and Looking for a moto Skeeter 650 or 550 that has the rear dual shocks because my brother and I had one as kids. I would want one complete in fair condition. But at this point I have none and might not be too picky. I'm not a mechanic but I have...