1. S

    WTB 2 Stroke Engine

    Looking to buy a 125 or 250 2 stroke engine with a gearbox. Let me know!
  2. H

    Sweet Little Clinton A400 2 stroke for sale. $350 shipped

    Was rebuilt less than five operating hours ago by Hotrod Ricky in Portland. I have a Tecumseh carburetor on it, but sale will include the original carburetor as well as the governor parts I removed. The engine has been babied. Comes with Max Torque clutch, and all aluminum parts shown...
  3. T

    Tas 2 stroke parts wanted! Doesn't matter what it is!

    I'm looking for Tas 2 stroke parts! It doesn't matter what it it! Particularly looking for pull starter parts.
  4. T

    Tas 2 stroke engine parts wanted!

    Hello everyone! It's good to be back into it! I just got Tas 2 stoke motor and knew it was gonna need a part or 2. The real important thing right now is a complete piston. Best I can tell it's a 41mm bore. The engine didn't have one in it when I got it. Even a bad piston is better than no piston...
  5. K

    Broncco TX7 2 stroke

    Fairly complete Broncco TX7 Motor has compression carb muffler etc. See KC CL $400
  6. bikerboybenny8

    2 stroke old school mini bikes?

    Any of you folks have experience with 2 strokes? Specifically the Tecumseh 2 strokers.. looking into an HKS850. Mounting it on a lowered cat 250.. any experience on mounts? I'd like to see some other projects if any were ever attempted. Thanks all!
  7. Not so mini bike

    2 stroke engine. West bend or something similar

    Don't know much about them but I want one. Would rather it be ready to go and looking good. Let me know what you have.
  8. J

    homelite 2 stroke on generator what kinda motor is this? doesnt look like it would work on a mini but i thought it looked cool
  9. B

    Old 2 stroke with small shaft

    Hey people so basically I have a tiny little 2 stroke Fox Motori Engine and it has a 12mm keyed shaft I was wondering if I would be able to put a normal centrifugal clutch on it as I have seen people put a centrifugal clutch on the little Ohlsson And Rice engines so is it possible to put a...
  10. B

    Vintage Robin 2.5hp 2 stroke engine

    I have this really cool vintage robin 2.5hp 2 stroke engine Engine has tons of compression and spark and I have bench tested it and it runs great. Engine is complete ready to bolt on. $300 shipped
  11. james ackerman

    Tecumseh ah817mb 2 stroke help.

    I had the engine running and it just died out after riding for a few. I tore the carb apart and cleaned it good with carb cleaner, put it back together the same way, made sure to count the needle turns and put them back the same turns. I've now noticed that when the fuel is turned on I have...
  12. james ackerman

    Tecumseh ah817mb 2 stroke fuel oil mix ratio

    What is the ratio of fuel to oil that this engine recomends, I know they are rare so I wanna be proper with it. It came on a desert fox I just bought.
  13. james ackerman

    Jacobson 2 stroke engine

    Make offer. Ran awhile back. Has compression and spark.
  14. J

    2 stroke what is it?

  15. jboonie

    Help unknown two stroke

    Please help I have a two stroke engine I can't identify I ha e had it for 15 year's I took it off an old snowblower thanks for any help and is it impossible to post pics her from ur phone I can't post pics any help with this would also be appreciated
  16. ugmold

    Toro/Tecumseh 2 stroke engines

    I picked up a couple of Toro snowblowers over the weekend on the cheap. They both run. I was thinking about trying to mount one on my 69 Maverick frame at least temporarily (Until I rebuild the original engine) Pics attached show Toros. S-200 and a Snowmaster 20. The S-200 looked like the...
  17. Iron Honky

    2 stroke/ rupp clutch guard (?)

    Not sure what this goes on. Aluminum cast guard. Might be for a 2 stroke or dart cycle. Asking $40 shipped.
  18. B

    STELLAR Model "A" 2 Stroke

    Completed this last night. Here are some pictures. (actual bike is a darker blue...don't know why it came out lighter in the pictures). Thanks to everybody who gave me lots of information on this bike. A HUGE thanks to Kenny for making the seat from a picture in the brochure and some...
  19. Tiki_Todd

    Jacobsen 2.5 hp 2 stroke engine

    This is a Jacobsen 2.5hp 2 stroke engine. It spins free and has great spark. It is very original.and complete except it is missing the carb bowl. I'm sure it will run great. $50 located in York Pa 17401 Text for pics 7173095854
  20. Sprocket86

    Jacobson 2 stroke.

    Hi there. Found this in the curbside trash :) Jacobson 2 stoke edger and anyone have any info? Thanks.