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    Changing wires on switch
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    Changing wires on switch
  3. OND

    WTB Chrome Push Button Kill Switch 1" Bars

    Just like the title says, looking for the chrome push button kill switch for 1'' bars. Thanks in advance OND
  4. R

    Parental remote kill switch

    Does anybody know if a remote kill switch ( to shutoff an engine for a kids safety) is available and if so who makes one and where can I buy one? I thought that I saw one, but I can't find the web site or company anywhere! Thanks!! rogersyme
  5. O

    Looking for a kill switch

    Hello! This is the outcasts from West Branch Middle School, and we are looking for a kill switch for the Bonanza minibike. We were also wondering if the Bonanza minibike had a kill switch and if so where would we find one.
  6. M

    Brake light switch

    So I was wondering if I had an old vw pressure switch and I have a dual element tail light , would that give me a brake light? Someone who knows anything about this would be delightful . Thnx in advance kenny
  7. B

    1968 Rupp brake light switch.

    Need a brake light switch for a 1968 Rupp Disk brake bike. Thanks for looking! joel
  8. B

    Rupp Brake Light Switch

    I need two Rupp brake light switches for disk brakes. Is there an alternate source? There are two on each rear brake assembly. Part # 12984 and 12985 ( #82 and 82A in diagram) 1968 Rupp Minibike Part # Catalog Thanks for any help and suggestions! For the engineers - How do these work?? :)...
  9. R

    Rupp stop light switch

    I'm looking for 68 Rupp stop light switch # 12984 , actually I need 3 radams7425@aol.com
  10. danford1

    Rupp seat lettering size, Roadster2 brake light switch, chrome fender question etc.

    I picked up a nice Roadster2 with a working headlight system :-) It needs a brake light switch. There are just two wires hanging near the brake lever. I see a Roadster2 has a different part number for the brake cable. Is the switch built into the cable? What years used the small seat lettering...
  11. A

    Briggs 60102-0267-01 help with kill switch

    I would like to use a handle bar mounted kill switch but this motor doesn't have a tab on the coil to hook one up. It has the stop switch that hits the top of the spark plug. The kid that rides this one really wants a kill switch on the handle bar. Is this possible? Thanks for any help. Jim
  12. fhpe77

    wiring a kill switch to a non-points ignition

    Here's my second question for today. How would I wire a kill switch to a Tecumseh non-points ignition? I'd like to get the toggle switch that is on my frame working. I found plenty of info for the old points ignition setup but nothing for the newer ignitions. Thanks again. -Ray
  13. J

    68 rupp headlight switch

    Anyone have a 68 headlight switch they would be willing to part with, for my TT 500? I am willing to pay your premium. Thanks
  14. manchester1

    Predator kill switch

    Which one of these wires do I come off of/cut/splice to get a kill switch up on the handle bars? Thank you for any help.
  15. ClipperBuggy

    Fox Disc & brake switch

    Looking for a Fox spoke wheel series front brake disc Also looking for a brake light switch for same bike Street scamp Trail tramp Trail FX Campus FX
  16. M

    Kill switch + key Ignition Predator 212 Engine

    First off, i'm not sure if this is in the right section (mods please move if so) but I ordered a keyed ignition with an on and off to mount on the blower housing then run the cable strait down and out the bottom and along the outside of the bottom of the engine to the old kill switch area. I...
  17. Fatboy04

    Wanted a Rupp light/kill switch

    Wanted Rupp light/kill switch it's a 1972 (THANKS CAPGUNCOWBOY)
  18. B

    Help!!! Predator engine takes off when I switch it to run??!!

    I've adjusted the idle screw and it helps a little but not enough. When I switch from start to run the back tire starts spinning fast and engine powers up without even twisting the throttle. What's up???
  19. Twid

    WTB Briggs Raptor kill switch

    I'm looking for a stock raptor kill switch like pictured.
  20. wb4rt

    How to connect oil pressure switch?

    My Briggs v-twin replacement engine for my riding mower came with an oil pressure switch. I know it is not necessary, but might save my engine some day. How can I connect it so it works? Do I just jumper a hot wire to it or ? Any help is appreciated.