1. Mark G

    Rupp, Bonanza, Fox, Skat Kitty PMCO Tail light Lens

    Perfect NOS condition. I have 3 available. $25 bucks each shipped, paypal only please.
  2. B

    Wtb trail horse tail light and clutch guard

    Looking for a tail light and clutch guard for a Trail horse. Thanks Bryce.
  3. B

    Alexander Reynolds hars tail and soft tail seat size

    I'm redoing 2 acro's 1 is a hard tail and 1 is a soft tail. The hard tail came with the incorrect seat and the soft tail I only have the brackets. Does anyone know the proper length of seat I need to get for both? Just want atop get the as close to what they should be without guessing. Thanks Bryce
  4. X

    Hard Tail Scrap Chopper

    Hey guys, So i started building a scrap chopper out of a old Honda sl350 frame I had layin around. Chopped the frame and cut and bent bars to hard tail it, then I got a 5hp Briggs, put a Tecumseh carb on it so I can run a gas tank. Anyways heres some photos of it so far.
  5. Sixpac440

    Is there LED headlight and Tail Light for a lighted Tec?

    Is there LED luring that would work well with an HS50 lights Tec motor? There are 2 lighting coils, 2 amps each.
  6. David wulf

    Powell model E original tail light and rear brake light switch

    Like it say original Powell model E rear light and probably very rare brake light switch . Light is a pimco and switch was made in England . Has some of the wiring harness with it . This came in a box of parts with my E model when I bought it . He was suppose to find the head light and send it...
  7. KustomKartKid

    NOS Peterson PMCO Bonanza / Rupp Tail Light Lens

    NOS Peterson PM CO Bonanza / Rupp tail light lens. PMCO on top and 420-15 on the bottom. Correct style with NO DOT numbers Last one I have. Perfect condition. $25 Shipped_ Paypal only please.
  8. SimpleTom

    Gilson NOS tail light complete

    This has never been mounted on a bike. The one mounting hole still has extra plastic flashing filling it in from the molding process. The scratches you see on the lens are just shelf wear and look much worse in the photo. $55 shipped to your door.
  9. capguncowboy

    NOS Gilson tail light lenses

    I have 3 Gilson Tail Light lenses. All are NOS and in near perfect condition, and if you need one, I probably don't need to explain how difficult they are to find $25 each plus shipping
  10. trinik7597

    pmco tail light

    nice pmco tail light with tag light $30 shipped :thumbsup:
  11. Mark G

    NOS Peterson PM CO Rupp Bonanza tail light lens

    I have a couple NOS Peterson tail light lenses for sale. PMCO on top and 420-15 on the bottom. NO DOT numbers!! $35 SHIPPED, paypal only please....
  12. golftdibrad

    Smokey mountain crawl video

    https://vimeo.com/125959403 i was entertained. Tail of the dragon content. And daisy dukes.
  13. J

    Rupp- Lexan Tail Light KD 259

    Hello, I am looking for the original Rupp tail light made by KD with the Lexan mark on the lens. Please hit me up if you got one or two for sale, don't have to be necessarily NOS but in good shape. Thanks
  14. P

    Gemini SST

    Need complete front wheel assembly with axle and rear tail light lens and screws. Call me 240-299-0644
  15. P

    Gemini SST

    looking for a complete front wheel assembly and a tail light lens. Please call me if you can help. 240-299-0644
  16. daverascal

    tail light lens

    does anybody have a tail light lens for a rupp roadster laying around?
  17. capguncowboy

    NOS Medium Length Cat Clutch Cover

    I picked this up a while back from a member. The plan was to modify it with a longer tail and use it on my Duster MX. The Duster sold already, so I no longer need this. It's in really great shape with only a few light surface scratches and a small patch of surface rust on the inside of the main...
  18. capguncowboy

    Speaker 143 Tail light body (Gilson)

    This was on my Gilson when I got it. It's original to the bike, but the edges that would have held the lens on have been mostly chipped away. I don't have the lens for it. Free to a good home. Just pay shipping.
  19. capguncowboy

    Gilson Tail light

    My last Gilson tail light. I haven't been able to locate any more of these -- so I think my supply is dried up. This one is in really good condition. The body is a little discolored, but not chipped. Lights are both there and seem to be working correctly. The lens is probably the best...
  20. capguncowboy

    Gilson tail light (Speaker 143)

    I purchased 2 complete Speaker 143 tail lights. These would have been used on a Gilson mini bike (among other things). They are both working. I only need one of them. I am willing to part with one of them in exchange for other Gilson parts. I need: exhaust pipe with heat shield (I can...