1. mybiz

    Hallucinogenic,, This is what a #1 nut thinks

    Nut 4-Sure :hammer::hammer::hammer: kreidler-h | eBay
  2. leathernun666

    Thinks he has a gold mine

    :out::out::out: (1960s Mini Bike)
  3. oldfatguy

    he thinks one will notice

    :out:that if he lays this old lawn mower engine on it's side and calls it a minibike engine it makes it worth a lot more. Good luck buddy Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP Engine/go-cart engine: eBay Motors (item 260609402952 end time Jun-01-10 21:02:10 PDT)
  4. Harleys Papa

    He Thinks Its A Cat

    He thinks its a Cat what do you guys think vintage mini bike Cant beat the price:hammer: