torque converter

  1. jbonez


    Hey everybody new to the mini bike scene, I recently picked up a Coleman RT200 for a steal, used one time for $400. I've seen online a lot of people modding the CT200 and I'm looking to do the same for my RT200. So my question is am I able to use this convertor linked below for my RT200...
  2. Monster79

    Scat Cat ASC114 need help

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and also a first-time minibike owner. My uncle gave me this minibike and we believe that it is from 1972 (please correct if I am wrong about the year) it has the HS50 5hp Tecumseh. I am in need of some advice on a few items. The bike will start and run, but...
  3. G

    Predator 212 motor not running unless full choke and full idle

    Hi there, I have installed a torque converter kit, air intake, and exhaust on my predator 212 for our coleman mini bike. We also installed the new jet into the carburetor (stock) that came with the kit. After the installation we could not get the bike to run unless we had it at full throttle...
  4. Motobro1995

    Help with torque coverter

    I recently installed a torque converter on my mini bike and I am having problems. Everything forts good and works, yet I have to rev it up almost to the max rpm even for the driver pulley to expand a little and make some contact with the belt making me go very slow. I have the right belt and...
  5. S

    lil Indian torque converter?

    Are there any good non bulky cvt torque converters that work well with the lil Indian frame? The one I currently got doesn’t even line up to the back wheel sprocket.
  6. Ministry Of Mud

    Very first Torque Converter belt wear?

    Seems to me the very first belt that comes with the torque converter will wear out faster than consequent ones? The pulleys are not smoothed out and mirror finish yet, or maybe the included belt is like the batteries that come with dollar store items? What I do know is that I have less grab...
  7. 20210129_163103.jpg


    Ready to rumble in Norway. (Made in Netherlands)
  8. 20210129_163044.jpg


    Norway mini bike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  9. 20210129_163012.jpg


    Norway minibike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  10. 20210128_180806.jpg


    New torque converter installed.
  11. 20210124_150740.jpg


    Checking engine, setting ignition timing, valve lash, changing oil, etc.
  12. 20210123_181007.jpg


  13. 20210123_142430.jpg


    This makes it easier to install tire on rim.
  14. 20210122_170400.jpg


  15. 20210121_230043.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  16. 20210119_160057.jpg


    2-K spray can "traffic red"-high gloss
  17. 20210118_101838.jpg


    Primer spray can
  18. 20201225_125053.jpg


  19. 20201225_125024.jpg


  20. 20201225_124849.jpg