1. I

    trailhorse rims.

    Im looking for a pair of trailhorse mag wheels im in orlando pm me if anyone can help me out thanks ..
  2. 2013 projects

    2013 projects

    Projects for 2013 and 2014
  3. M

    WTS Trailhorse roller SE Michigan $125.00

    Had to pay about $750.00 in vet bills today for my dog. So i need to sell a few projects. Trailhorse $125.00 like it sits in the pic. 586 439-88one8 Call before 10pm text any time
  4. Stangrcr1

    Trailhorse tires...

    What is the biggest tire I can fit in my TH? I want to keep the stock aluminum 5 star 6" rims. I have the rear round style swingarm. I was looking at 145/70-6 tires, but can I fit a 15-5-6? Or is that into the chain? Starting to collect parts for next years build-off...
  5. Jamie1972

    1969 TrailHorse GTO-300 Survivor.

    Same deal as the Bonanza.....Gotta unload to recoop. 69 TrailHorse survivor with Orig. engine, seat, grips etc. Comes with repop clutch cover and GTO-300 decal. Runs on a shot of starting fluid. Nice Orig. Bike needs a little clean up. 1-2 weeks here and CL. Then off to Ebay. $500.00
  6. gumpit

    Trailhorse funrider

    Just tossed on some paint, new bearings, greased the front springs and tossed on the only seat I had.... This thing is fun to ride....
  7. gumpit

    Who got the Trailhorse in Westfield?

    Who got the nice survivor in Westfield mass? Just curious. Wondering if it was as good as it looked?
  8. I

    trailhorse parts .

    I need the front forks an back wheel for an internal brake kr set up pm me if you can help me out thanks :out::out::shrug:
  9. I

    trailhorse parts wanted

    Im picking up a trailhorse an was wondering if they are rare its missing jackshaft assembly but still has brackts that attach it to the frame is getting a jackshaft for that bike hard can any ine tell me about that bike an getting jackshaft to make oringinal evrything esle is there an did it...
  10. gumpit

    Mini Baja MB200 Wanted. Trailhorse partial trade.

    I am looking for an MB200 Mini Baja in excellent condition. I am willing to pay up to $200 PLUS toss in this Trailhorse Roller I have with front suspension. I have better pics I can email but this shows the bike so you get an idea.. If you have one not in EXCELLENT shape just let me know and we...
  11. M

    1970 Trail Horse "Windber News" SS 300

    $695.00. Trades offers always welcome. If you need me to ship, I can. Add $35.00 {materials/labor} plus the actual shipping cost. Ck. or m/o fine. Add 3% for PayPal. Oil changed, new spark plug, carburetor was rebuilt, a new {used} gas tank w/shut-off was installed. The original had a small...
  12. bandit 40

    Trailhorse Seat

    Looking for a decent Trailhorse seat ,black preferred with either white or red piping. Or all black. unless someone has a seat off other makes that will fit. :thumbsup:.
  13. bandit 40

    Trailhorse rear wheel spacers

    Guys and Gals, Im looking for the correct length of the left and right wheel spacers using the 5 spoke 6" wheels. Basicly the way they came when they was produced with the right rear band break drum and bracket. Thanks Mark:thumbsup:.
  14. Jamie1972

    Rupp,Broncco and Trailhorse parts

    Took this stuff to Windber and never had a chance to set it out :shrug: All this stuff is "Rider Quality" parts. 1. 71 Roadster 2 headlight assembly w/harness and switch. good overall cond. there is a "gash" on the right side.. It was there when I bought it. And the switch is missing the...
  15. 45t

    Trailhorse or Bonanza?

    For sale by me. It has the kidney beans but the forks and bars don't look right. Any experts out there that can brake it down & tell me what it is?
  16. Stangrcr1

    trailhorse wheel

    Guess I let the cat out of the bag on my next project... Has swingarm, wide bars, LTD1130, I think.... Need one 5 spoke, like Astro, wheel half. 6" Pm me.
  17. R

    60's TrailHorse Barn Find

    ey Guys: Just picked this up for a song guys. What motor should I mate this with, you know this one is coming off! What about a techumseh H40 or Brigss 3HP? Also, does anyone recommend I just patina this to keep it in this form. Is the process difficult to do, and does it make sense as...
  18. choppernut


    I am looking. For a trailhorse. CHOPPER top $$$ paid let me know what you got thks mike
  19. O

    Trailhorse Trailblazer Bare Frame

    Trailhorse Trailblazer model bare frame. Includes jackshaft mounts. Sandblasted clean. One foot peg tab broken off, but included. No broken welds. I had it on EBay. Lots of lookers, no takers. I figured I'll give it a shot here before relisting it there. $65 plus Shipping Paypal...
  20. Peekster

    TrailHorse Wheels For Sale

    Here is a nice set of Original TrailHorse wheels.Fresh Barn find. Nice shape,no cracks .Minor chain rash that should clean up easy. 1 wheel half inner bearing stop worn off but will work with a flange mount or snapring bearing that I will include. These will clean up easy.$85 Shipped