1. capguncowboy

    Trailhorse Swingarm, two speed jackshaft

    This is, I believe, the swingarm from a TrailHorse. The two speed and one jackshaft plate is included. Two speed seems to function correctly. Sprag sprocket locks one way and spins the other like it's supposed to. Axle adjusters/tensioners are in good shape and complete. $165 OBO plus shipping
  2. Ajf

    Trailhorse ss300 survivor on eBay.

    Can't find the eBay Craigslist section but here's a very nice survivor Trailhorse. Has the wrong gas tank but includes the original. I'm no Trailhorse expert but sounds like a great buy it now price for such a nice survivor. Vintage Used Mini Bike Trailhorse Bonanza Rupp Taco Lil Indian Surviver...
  3. I

    trailhorse throttle assembly an grips

    Im.looking for a og throttle assembly an grip an cable .for a trailhorse bike or call or text me at 407-860-8314 thanks.
  4. Biffmini

    TrailHorse / TrailBlazer Swingarm ?l

    I have Trail Horse swing arm frame & I'm having trouble finding the missing swing arm. I'm going to make a trip to my local tubing fab. shop soon & find out what it would take to bend & press a repro. or a close copy... There is not much to them, the steel band pcs. easy to fab. & a simple jig...
  5. bigevilone2

    Trailhorse INTERNAL fork springs

    OK all you Trail Horse hoarders, (you know who you are) ! I need a set of internal fork springs for a Trail Horse. Please let me know what you got. Thanks
  6. Jamie1972

    WTB: Orig. TrailHorse throttle and grip@@@@

    Need just a throttle and grip to match this grip.
  7. Ajf

    Trailhorse question

    I picked up a Trailhorse roller with original paint, seat foam, kickstand, brake plate, throttle, sprocket, band brake and brake lever. Luckily the front footpeg bar that isn't original to the bike is tied on with a shoe string. Looks like it'll clean up nicely. Anyway the engine plate is black...
  8. Cubenzo

    WTB: trailhorse roller.

    Looking for a trailhorse roller in decent shape (gto-100/200) with 4" steel wheels. shipped to zip 48867, mi.
  9. Cubenzo

    Trailhorse throttle/footpegs.

    Just need a throttle that is comparable looks wise. Not a 100% true resto. TH OR bonanza? Footpegs x2. Just need to be useable. Shipped to zio 48867, mi
  10. I

    Wtb.. Trailhorse fender.

    Im looking for a good condition fender for my trailhorse no dents or cracks at tabs you can or call or text me at 407-393-8835 thanks..
  11. I

    OldMiniBikes 2015 build off open class trailhorse.

    :out: Im entering a trailhorse bike for open class ill repozt pics when I get my phone right gonna be using a 73 5hp Briggs flathead ......
  12. I

    trailhorse back wheel

    I need a regular trailhorse back wheel with sprocket an brake band I got the bracket already any help.would be appreciated thanks
  13. O


    WTB Trailhorse rear fender.
  14. F

    Trailhorse wanted.

    I am looing for a trail horse mini bike - would prefer a roller - but will definitely be interested in a frame to get me going. Looking at all models but am partial to a 300 with solid forks. But again - let me know what you have. I am driving across the USA shortly and can pick it up or will...
  15. rayvel67


    Picked these bikes up:shrug:
  16. M

    Trailhorse 1500 year "unknown"

    I am restoring a trailhorse 1500 and looking for a #35 chain 24 tooth 5/8 ID 3/16 key way with directional bearing for 5/8 jackshaft. I found and ordered all the parts I needed from Old Mini Bike Warehouse with the exception of this sprocket. Does anyone know exactly what this sprocket does...
  17. diggers

    Need HELP!!!!!! With rear wheel for gamble aldens or trailhorse

    Hello new to the site and got this frame off of raigslist got it home thinkin I could just replace the sprocket and it looks to be welded on. I was in a hipe when I bought it like ya ill take it not lookin in the sprocket area I knew it was bent but figured they make sprockets everyday and it...
  18. bandit 40

    WTB Trailhorse Forks

    Im looking for a set of TH bars They don't have to be perfect a little bent is ok but not High Speed Bent :laugh:. I think the trailblazer uses the same setup just angled different up top. Let me know what you thanks all Mark.:thumbsup:
  19. Jeff Clark

    Mickey Trailhorse OldMiniBikes Sproket

    While restoring a Mickey bike I needed a sprocket, and decided to share this not in its title or description OldMiniBikes does offer this sprocket in 60T and 72T with a 4 1/2 drum. The Astro Mickey JDE and Aggie with JDE ( Jim Dugan ) wheel and Trail Horse all have the same bolt pattern The...
  20. gumpit

    Trailhorse colors

    I am redoing a Trailhorse and may go with an original color. Does anyone know what the colors were originally?I don't care if it was original to the specific model but was curious of the options. I will post links when the snow that is encrusting the frame melts.:no: