1. Sixpac440

    Tec H50 with Oval Bore Mikuni problem ... pics and Videos ...

    I have a NOS Tecumseh H50 motorsports engine and I put a Mikuni 22mm oval bore on it. It gets to 6500 rpm and stutters .. if the throttle is cracked wide open it bogs down. I have played with the stock jet by drilling it open and adjusting the clip on the pin. I have tried it with and...
  2. OND

    I Can't Post Videos

    Anybody else having this problem ? When I copy and paste from youtube It shows up in my post...but when I post it to the thread, Its not there . :shrug:
  3. danford1

    How do I stop the videos ads on this forum?

    I'll be reading this forum minding my own beeswax when I heard a video ad playing. I don't see the videos, just hear them. Friggen commercials. I'm a paid supporting member but that doesn't stop them. How do I stop them? Danford1
  4. Sixpac440

    Lowell Ride 9-25-16 Pics and Videos ...

    RCGuy (Mark) with his friend Gene hosted the Lowell ride ... we were out from about 1:00 to 5:00 .... We rode the streets and back streets of Lowell Michigan. No trouble with cops ... nice easy going day. It wasn't a Race but just a cruise. 15 bike came out. A nice thing about this ride...
  5. Sixpac440

    Bombing around in the woods ... 3 videos

    Just 5 of us today ... had a blast!
  6. Aston jag

    I can't view videos on this site

    When I click to start a video I get "about:blank" on the URL line. I' using an iMac. Does anyone know what I can do to view videos?
  7. 1967 Tempest

    Quiet muffler Thread. Post videos. Looking for a quiet muffler for Pred 212.

    Mine is from a stage one kit from OldMiniBikes. Is this the same as the Bullet from Hot Rod? Does anyone have the RLV silencer? I need something quieter or the neighbors might start to complain... This doesn't do it justice on how loud it is..
  8. Taryl Dactal

    Hi, Taryl Dactal from Taryl fixes all 1971 Toyoko & Custom 3-wheeler

    Hi everyoneTaryl Dactal here and I have a couple you tube videos on 2-of my mini bikes, so far. 1- on a 1971 Toyoko and another on a custom built 3-wheeler. Will be posting more videos soon of other mini bikes so check them out. and check out my how-to videos on my channel. (Taryl Fixes...
  9. M

    question for the tav guys

    Hey guys how's it going got my tav from OldMiniBikes today and I can't wait to test this out. My problem is I can't get the back wheel off the tav so I can change my gear from 10 to12. I've watched many YouTube videos and everyone is just pulling them off, but mine seems to be stuck. Someone please...
  10. jdogg

    Top Shelf Minibike Videos

    Please post your best of the best videos here!! Good weekend with your friends, Minibike Meet, Show, Gathering, Run or Drags or just plain fun!! Pictures say a 1,000 words, but videos take you there!! This is one of my all time favorites!! Dont know how many times I've watched it...
  11. Mac

    Minibike Videos

    Figured I'd start a thread for random Mini Bike Videos. Here's one I filmed this morning: Mac's 1969 Taco 44 Walkaround & Ride - YouTube
  12. paul_probus

    two more videos

    Not sure if these have been posted. Ecorider, apparently the compny is already out of business. Really nice design, IMHO. Http:// Homemade modified ct70 Paul
  13. S

    Dirt Bike Videos

    I figured i would start a thread on dirt bike videos.Maybe some of you can post some videos of your rides or just some of your favorite dirt bike videos on the web.Im a beginner but i'm trying. Here's a few of mine. My Movie - YouTube F.Gilbert State Forest in Foxborough today. -...
  14. W


    Do you add videos to a post just like photos: download to forum, add link to post Thanks
  15. 5

    One of my favorite 2 stroke engine rebuild videos

    Homelite K92 gokart engine - YouTube
  16. David wulf

    POWELl 5699 h super mod test run videos

    What do ya think?
  17. W

    Alsport trike videos

    A couple of vids of my RTS and TS290 VIDEO0031 - YouTube VIDEO0032 - YouTube
  18. bandit 40

    My Computer stopped playing Videos

    Alright Computer guys yesterday I was able to play vids on here and YouTube and today nothing . All that's there is a black screen even Yahoo news :shrug: I don't get it... what could of changed just like that ? This thing is only just over a year old its the Gateway FX. Any clues?
  19. wildman500

    Detroit Racing Videos

    I will be posting videos here on this thread from detroit mini bike racing from are various racing spots. Feel free to post ur own detroit race vids. This vid is from yesterday. fathersday long ride and BBQ. this was only 1 ride of many. fathersday cruise.AVI detroit mini bikes - YouTube...
  20. ratrod1313

    couple of vintage "atv" videos

    Coot an Early Atv - YouTube Alsport Tracker Amphibious Snowmobile in action - YouTube