1970 Taco 22DB Restoration Questions (engine type + frame and engine color)

So I am back on doing a restoration on my 1970 Taco 22 DB (dual brake or drum brake, seen it referred to either way online?) with serial number 70P102 and i had a few questions.

First, what is the appropriate (i.e. resto correct) frame color(s) for this mini? From what I see, it's that metallic purple on the frame (are there any other colors these came in?) I am not sure on the engine color?

Second, what is the correct engine? From what I see online, it is supposed to be the H25, 2.5HP Tecumseh. HOWEVER, I compared the engine plate to my earlier Taco 22s (a 1967 and 1968, which should have had the Briggs & Stratton 3HP) and they are all identical in every way from what I can tell. Aren't the Tecumseh and Briggs engine plate holes offset a bit different? If so, is my serial number early enough where they were still using the Briggs? ALSO, depending on what engine this is supposed to have, what color is it supposed to be? (silver on the Briggs, I believe, white on the Tecumseh?)

I do have this sweet NOS, never been run 1970s Tecumseh H25 I am very tempted to use in this build (assuming it is supposed to be a Tec on this bike) but I really don't want to repaint it so kinda torn between a true resto or a redo (or whatever you would call it, lol)

OH, one more thing....yes I have the proper seat on its way :smile:

thanks for any and all information plus opinions on colors, resto vs. redo, etc...........! I really want to finish this up but I want to do it right! I will be posting the build thread shortly....already have the frame taken down and stripped (it was Taco purple under all that black, by the way) :thumbsup:

Hi Moto-Bunny! I think Lynn Wineland's 32 Coupe Purple was the only color used during that time on the 22. I used this color and from what I could tell was as close to original as you can get. DuPont, single stage urethane. (Their 'ful-thane' version)

Paint Code BM203 IB (Non CA version)

430-02 Carbon Black 86.6
430-14 Violet 103.5
430-13 Non Flop Blue 107.4
430-04 White 108.8
430-54 Purple Pearl 157.4
435-91 Urethane Binder 464.4

The Briggs engines were silver from what I gather. The 2.5 Tec on the 1970, no idea.

But you could fudge it and pretend your 1970 was made as per the 1969 specs and use a BS 3.5. Otherwise, it's that Tec you have. It could have been white, but look at that gas tank in the brochure.

http://www.steenstacominibikes.com/Current Web Photos/Catalog/TACO_22_Later copy.jpg
Thanks Dave! great info there....still debating how to paint it, might take it somewhere so that info is very handy. Funny how sometimes we can look at something again and again and not notice it right there in front of us and I NEVER noticed that dark tank in the brochure, as much as I studied the details! lol

Now I am wondering how well the red would go with that purple.....like I said, I would hate to paint that Tec, it has a few scratches from the previous owner's foolish storage protocol but otherwise pristine. I might take the Craftsman decal off though (using a bit of a heat gun) but we will see!

thanks TC! This should be a fun build, it's in pretty good shape other than needing some going through, bit o' welding, paint, bearings, and some fork straightening. :thumbsup:


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Hi MTB, I would go for the silver 1969-1970 briggs 3hp motor. Try to match the original Taco purple under all that black. Also could you post a picture of the drum brake set-up you have? That would be great for us to compare our DB's to. I have seen a few different designs. Thanks, HD.
Hot Taco 22DB Rear Drum Brake Action!

As much as I love the Briggs, I'm really tempted to use that NOS H25 Tec as far as I can tell, it would be correct for a 1970? (according to the sales brochure for 1970, at least) Kinda different in a Taco 22 too, but we'll see..... still wondering about my engine plate question above, though. Can you tell if it was supposed to have a Briggs or a Tec by the engine plate?

Also, the purple is long gone now (frame already stripped), lol, and it was totally faded and in really bad shape-anyways. I have the paint codes and spray paint brands I know I would need to duplicate it if I go that route, kinda leaning towards the purple, it sure is purdy on these Tacos!

I will cover the rear drum brake more in my coming build thread (including the necessary tab dimensions and how I had to weld a new one on, old one had busted off), but here are a few rear brake shots for now, for ya :thumbsup: (last two not my pictures but optimized from others' originals)

I went with a silver Briggs 3 horse and Plum Crazy Purple on the frame, but your TEC sure is nice!
Yeah, that would totally be the correct engine for 1969 and earlier but it is my understanding the 1970 on uses the Tec, but I don't know the exact serial number cut off or anything. Thanks! I really lucked out scoring it at a swap meet except the dolt I got it from said he got it new in the box (and just threw it away :doah:) and then proceeded to just put it in the back of his truck to go to the show (thus a few scratches in the paint :freakout: ).

Here is the Taco 22 out of the 1970 Taco brochure showing the Tec H25:

Thanks for the pics. Either you cannot go wrong. It will be a nice bike.
No prob, will have more in my coming build thread-sorry I didn't realize that the pix of my bike don't show the brake drum lever, I will take more ASAP....

Thanks! it will be a fun build, I really lucked out stumbling on the dual/drum brake 22 (didn't even know what it was until I asked here actually, lol)