1971 Gemini SST Restoration--Parts Needed

I'm restoring two 1971 purple 80cc SSTs and one blue 80cc SST that are exact copies of the bike I had as a kid. The two purple versions each have under 30 miles but were stored outside in Montanta so all the chrome and rubber is shot. The blue version recently came off of Ebay, along with a number of other parts, a second blue parts bike, etc. and is rough at best.

I've stored the blue ones inside since my house since I bought them in 1994 and prevented further rusting, etc.

The purple bikes were running when parked in Montana. The blue bike is of unknown history and will be a stretch to get back in running form.

Are any of the forum members aware of any good parts suppliers in the US or internationally that can help with replacement Gemini parts?

Can someone get this to Gemini Steve in AU?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello I have two SST80s and have found that Yamaha YG180 parts are similar or the same.I am trying to date mine with no luck yet. Do you know what year yours are and if so we can compare production #s? Thanks Darren
I have a few extra SST 80 parts laying around. Let me know what you need. No rubber though, that's a tough one.

Sorry guys, I just noticed i was responding to an ancient thread,
Thanks for reply I bought a second bike and now have most parts I need for a complete SST80.I also have parts so if you need any let me know.I found NOS Yamaha parts are the same for Gemini.The intake airfilter boot was perfect fit for the bike.Would you know where to find production dates? Trying to date mine.The one that runs is an early one with a #M8-02191 and the second one has#M8-07922. Any info would be great! Thanks Darren
The Yamaha part# is 126-14453-00 thats the boot from case to airfilter.I just had to trim off a small lip on hole for fuel line.Got it on ebay and the same seller has what looks like the carb boot on the top of intake case.The item# is220403928295 .It looks like yamaha YG1 and G6S G7S parts may work.I just search ebay for parts that have good pics and compare.The Gemini was a yamaha engine design.