3100 rpm stall clutch... do i need this??

i just bought a 212 predator engine to put on my bike and i am looking for clutches. i am seeing clutches out there that say they are 3100 rpm stall clutch. I'm not sure if it would work for me. i do know that the last one i rode with this engine was so touchy you could barely ride it so i thought this kind of clutch may fix that problem... Help Please!!


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if your motor is stock it is going to hit the gov. at 3600 rpm . the clutch will not engage till 3100 rpm . it going to make it even more of a wheelie machine if that is what you mean by touchy !! maybe changing the gearing would be better than a different clutch
After he did valve springs, intake and exhaust it really woke up down low and he can use the stall now. So maybe if you plan to drag race it and further mod it.
I have an I have an intake and exhaust on a stocker motor with 18 lb springs and the higher stall hurt my low end. Just leave it stock maybe you can regear it higher so that its easier to handle?