1. S

    Video Inside - Modified Predator 212cc Mid RPM Funky Misfire

    Hey all, my engine is running way funky and here is a video to show it. Mods list and troubleshooting below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dayer8-YqY0 Predator 212 All internals stock Governor Delete Oil Sensor Delete Mikuni Carb Swap (Sometimes) Open Header I have cleaned dozens...
  2. gran_pann

    30 and 40 series max rpm question

    Provided your engine can dish out the RPMS, what is the 'max' rpms any of you all have been able to pull on your torque converters? Failures? Safeguards? I'm not talking about the guy that forgets to put lock-tite on his drive unit crank bolt and throws it at 3600 rpms. Lets hear what you all...
  3. yalipito

    Turning down crankshaft rpm

    For those who have a lathe and have turned down a crankshaft (clutch side). What rpm did you use? Thanks
  4. Sixpac440

    TAV Max HP and RPM?

    I have a Tecumseh H50 Motorsports engine with a 3/4" shaft that in stock configuration should make about 9hp and 7000 RPM. I may tweak a HP up a bit in the future. Question is are there any TAV setups that would work at that RPM and handle the HP? I found this...
  5. Dustin C

    212 rpm issues

    i have a 212 on my db some mods are done ,billet flywheel,billet rod, exhaust,rejet and filter,Autolite 3910X Spark Plug, governer removed, i had the factory sprocket on there the valves started floating around 5500 rpms which is normal until i do more work but i changed the sprocket to a 53...
  6. Sprocket86

    Adjusting Comet Tav2 engagement RPM

    Hello there. I'm in the process of fine tuning my Lawn Boy Powered Tav2 equipped mini bike and I'd like to change the stall or engagement RPM in both the driver clutch and the driven clutch to a higher RPM value. My driver clutch is a genuine Comet part but I see no colour markings on both...
  7. Joe-405

    420cc clone flatlined at 5750 rpm ?

    What makes a clone flatline at 5750 every time. I have cam and supporting valve springs. With a 32mm carb and header. Is it the stock timing by chance ? It doesn't have the limiting coil.
  8. B

    Max RPM

    Curious. What's the max RPM for a Tecumseh H50 - no governor. Thanks! joel
  9. xBrent92

    Best accelerating camshaft? (high rpm,high torque)

    Just wondering if their were any good opinions if one wanted to go fast and go fast quickly with out giving any further details. EDIT: just to clarify..i am ONLY asking about the camshaft. i was going to get the Black Mamba but everywhere is out of stock so i bought the .275 cam.
  10. R

    PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter

    Red PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter, appear to be brand new and never used. I know for sure these fit Animals, but I also recall reading somewhere that they fit both flathead and Animal Briggs engines, but I don't have any personal experience with that myself. $75 shipped, and I have two...
  11. smwtnbndr

    Drag mini bike-Predator RPM issue??

    Setting up a mini to run 125' drag. Here is the motor breakdown: Predator Hemi, governor removed ARC connecting rod, piston is flush with top of cylinder ARC ultralight flywheel Dyno Cam F275 stainless steel valves ported and polished head, not a work of art, just smooth Mikuni Carb...
  12. J

    How many RPM can stock GX340 handle?

    I have two electric-start GX340s. How many RPM can the stock Honda flywheels and connecting rods handle without failing? I'm wanting to build a fat tire woods bike and MAYBE remove the thing that shall not be mentioned here. I'm not wanting to run 8,000 RPM or anything. I don't want to drag race...
  13. B

    3100 rpm stall clutch... do i need this??

    i just bought a 212 predator engine to put on my bike and i am looking for clutches. i am seeing clutches out there that say they are 3100 rpm stall clutch. I'm not sure if it would work for me. i do know that the last one i rode with this engine was so touchy you could barely ride it so i...
  14. Twid

    Clone mods rpm? Hp?

    Removed low oil sensor and governor installed billet flywheel and con rod, dyno mod2 cam, 18lb valve springs , 22 mm mikuni carb, header and a 8.5 coil wire What rpm do you all think it will turn And how much hp will it put down?
  15. A

    After jetting carb and intake on Predator 212 sputters mid rpm

    sputters at mid rpms. low rpms are fine takes off no problem but when i hold it to mid rpm not WOT it will sputter. i can smell gas real bad when i let off and am at a stand still. i have a free flow exhaust on it. i checked for vent lock in the tank by loosening the cap but it doesnt help. i...
  16. dylanc4941

    Predator 212 Bogging at low RPM

    I just installed the upgraded air filter kit and 140 emulsion tube with the 36 jet. Still running stock exhaust. It will idle great but right after I take off after the clutch is fully disengaged, it spudders and goes in and out. This only happens at low rpms. If I go full throttle it's fine and...
  17. J

    gx140\160\200 2:1 gear box

    I can`t find much info on this thing. Is there a way of adjusting the take on the clutch? Can i just remove some of the weights? the clutch is working but it takes at to low rpm...
  18. J

    Rpm gauge

    Hey guys, so ive got an rpm gauge made for a car id like to setup to my motor, ive got it hooked up to a motorcycle battery and it lights up. to get an rpm signal theres one wire, the only way i can find to get a signal is to hook it directly to the spark plug wire so when i pull start it it...
  19. H

    NOS Fairbanks Morse 35t Clutch. 3/4 shaft

    I bought this some time ago for use on a project and ended up going another direction. A skilled machinist from OldMiniBikes reproduced a missing spring button, as one was missing. I installed a replacement spring. These springs hold tension sideways to keep the clutch from chattering. They do not...
  20. D

    8.5:1 compression to 10:1 bolt on

    Noob question but does a aftermarket cam add compression ? Approx how much ? what kind of rpm does a cam add ? I'm debating on a cam 2000- 5500 or a cam for 7500 rpm .. 7500 needs 10:1 or more .. so questions are how to add rpm along with compression to satisfy the build ...