Air filter + exhaust upgrade

Hi guys, I was looking to change the stock air filter on my predator 212cc and I was wondering what was the different between the regular and the "high performance" air filter kit on OldMiniBikes and if it was worth it to go with the "high performance" one. And same questions for the exhausts :) Thanks a lot in advance!

Part number to look at on
Regular air filter kit: KIT_AIRKITP (30$)
High performance air filter kit: KIT_AIRKIT2P (45$)
1" Go Kart Exhaust w/ Screw on Muffler Predator 212cc/Honda Clone (30$)
Underseat Mini Bike Pipe w/ Muffler - 8" Clearance (50$
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Get the high performance one, make sure it has the air filter adapter. Also with the exhaust i would get the underseat, i have that same one and it works great
damn, the pipe fits but can`t screw the muffler, part of the frame is in the way.. But ìt`s rather close. I'll try upping the engine with some washers to see if it can work, if it does, do you think it will be bad for the engine for anything? Thanks
If you have a grinder and welder i would seperate the pipe from the flange and cut it at an angle so it goes out the back more, otherwise you could try to put the pipe in a fire til its red hot and bend it more right where it starts curving with a hammer.
go to a hardware store / Home Depot/ Lowes get a 3/4 threaded pipe coupler and short piece of 3/4 threaded pipe screw them together problem solved
thats what i did to mine