1. O

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Lot

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Lot. The lot contains four housings and four brackets. No screws, gaskets or filters. All parts are untested and being sold AS IS. $55.00 Price INCLUDES shipping and handling. Shipping to the USA ONLY. PayPal “Friends and Family” option ONLY. USPS...
  2. jayvansickle

    Header or air filter

    Ok, I'm on a tight budget so which one first, header or filter and jets? It's on a Doodle Bug with the 212cc Predator engine. Have to spread purchases out.
  3. CarPlayLB

    NOS Tecumseh louvered air filter

    I have a Tecumseh air filter, complete with extra open end, screws, filter element, and screen. This piece has never been mounted or used. I am looking to get $45.00 priority shipped to the lower 48...and like everything I sell this summer, 100% of the proceeds will go to a charity I am involved...
  4. Ajf

    Tecumseh black air filter housing vintage

    Looking for an original black paint vintage early 70s small block air filter housing. Thanks
  5. maknwar

    Air filter size

    I am looking at air filters for a newly acquired Mikuni carb and I see large filters and some really tiny filters. My question to the engine builders out there is, does the filter size really matter? I really like this one, would something like this be too small for a 212cc mild build...
  6. 19honda69

    Tecumseh air filter and housing

    Tecumseh filter and housing of 5hp big block $20 plus shipping
  7. Not so mini bike

    NOS Tecumseh air filter assy and open cover

    I have the whole oval assy NOS. Filter element, screen, screws and gasket. Comes with original louvre cover and open cover. This is a sideways mount one. $45 shipped for everything
  8. steven Durham

    Take a deep breath of air

    Yesterday I went to the VA clinic to see why my 9 year old CPAP machine was making noise. ( I could not hear anything as I have a hearing loss since my Navy time in the Boiler room. ) Well out with the old and in with the new I got a brand new machine that even has Wi-Fi that sends a report to...
  9. T

    HS 40 after market air cleaner

    I would like to put an pod type filter on my Tecumseh Hs40 Is this possible with an adapter of sorts?
  10. totegotes

    Wanted: Tecumseh H60 intake tube and air cleaner

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the following set up for an older Tecumseh H60. If anyone has anything please let me know.
  11. topnotch

    WTB Tecumseh air filter housing

    I WTB (2) white original paint Tecumseh air filter housing the ones that show the holes on top. Not the ones with bell shape caps welded on them. (NO repaints please!!!) Thanks
  12. mini one

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Bundle

    All you see here 50.00 picked up or 70.00 shipped
  13. FirePowerMinis

    Free Air, like gas stations used to have

    With the "real" mini bike engines being an upright finned cylinder, why aren't more run with the breeze to cool them? Stationary or low-speed use isn't what we're doing, so it seems that losing the substantial parasitic drag would be a reasonable gain. Starting has to be addressed, but otherwise...
  14. Zooming993

    WB580 Air Cleaner/Velocity Stacks

    Looking for options when it comes to air cleaners and velocity stacks for a WB580 with a Tillotson 132 carb. Thanks
  15. CarPlayLB

    kit to put Briggs air cleaner on Tec/Tilly carb

    Here are some pieces I will never get around to using. These parts will allow the use of an old style Briggs filter on a Tec or Tillotson carb set up! Fool your Briggs friends with this one! The polished center piece allows you to hook up to your breather! Looking for $35.00 shipped, or add the...
  16. Rapidrob

    I need a Stainless Steel air intake tubing cut and re-welded

    I have a custom made Predator air intake that I need cut and rewedded 80 degrees from where one end of the pipe it is aiming now. The air intake tubing is about 16-18 gauge in thickness. It is about 10" long. Anyone here able to do this?
  17. P

    Need help, Speedway Black Shadow air cleaner

    I am restoring my 1971 Speedway Black Shadow. The only other 1971 Black Shadow that I know of is the Minibike magazine test bike, so I do not have any other references. The problem I am having is locating the original type air cleaner. Any help on what air cleaner was used on this bike or...
  18. B

    WANTED: Complete AIR BREATHER set up for a Vintage TECUMSEH H35 in SILVER

    WANTED: Complete AIR BREATHER set up for a TECUMSEH H35 in SILVER. Looking for a 46 year old nice looking original set up. Motor Plate says the following. Model H35-451426 Serial 0013 03569 Appreciate the help!! Thanks.
  19. Peekster

    Briggs carb and air cleaner

    Nice rebuilt Briggs carb with throttle linkage. Comes with air filter housing. (no center bolt or filter) $45 plus shipping
  20. Bignate123

    Ohh60 performance air filter

    Where can you get a performance air filter for a Tecumseh ohh60