Alsport books/Manuals

Here is a couple cool shop manuals I found. One of these days I will copy some of the pages and post. Still haven't had time to really go through them yet. The covers were pretty scanky from being in a shop but I cleaned them up half way decent.


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I have a couple and scanned one that I put on Google docs. I have to see if I can put up a link.

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A few years ago there was a complete dealers book, all
Models, accessories, clothing, everything. Made a fair offer, got decline, didn't have the $ to pay more, disappeared from eBay, then noticed after some time it was put back up n some guy bought it (for less than my original offer) and split it up and is selling it on eBay! WHAT A TRAVESTY!
But awesome find and if you ever wanna sell them hit me up, I'll probably buy them.