baja warrior issue please help

i have a baja warrior with a home lite 196cc engine and a torque converter on it. fyi i'm a big guy 260lb well i was riding it pretty hard jumping small hill's getting a little air and such when i parked it i shut it off come back a hour later and she seems to have lost her power unless i manually hit the throttle lever while riding. the cable didnt slip so i am guessing a spring popped off or rod got bent in the throttle/governor linkage does any body have a diagram or close up photo's of a stock working setup? or if you have any other idea's of what it might be i'm listening? also anybody near me beaverton mi that welds i need to weld some supports around the neck but i dont know how to weld or have a welder.
can anybody help me please? i want to get it running properly before my cousin come's over this weekend he's 12 and i think he'll have a boat load of fun on it if it's running properly. it was doing 40mph quick and easily before now i would guess around 30mph and takes forever to get up to speed. i am almost sure it's got to do with the throttle/governor linkage.
If the throttle lever on the motor works but it doesn't rev when you twist the throttle on the bars, then it's something to do with that connection. Check to make sure the cable is seated properly in the throttle tube, and that the cable is adjusted and attached properly at the motor.
thank you to both of you guy's turns out the main bolt to the linkage wiggled loose enough to cause it to bind up when twisting the throttle but not when pushing the lever. i noticed it while messing with the throttle cable. now i just need to find some one that welds near me. how sturdy is the frame on these things any one know i just saw what i thought was a crack in the pipe turns out it was just the paint cracking thank god.
it doesn't have one regretfully that's what i want to do to it but didn't know the name for it thanks. know anybody that likes to weld and has some free time to help a brother out thats near me? i know it's allot to ask for but who knows might get lucky and a member is my next door neighbor hahaha yea right like that would happen.