Be careful. There seems to be a couple scammers working the wanted ads.


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Yep you hit is on the nose my first time getting ripped off was from (Fast Vintage 69). The 2nd time was from Brian Sullivan or the user name he called himself (Taco bender) from Oregon. Its only a matter of time for either one !
Be sure to report any crooks on this forum to administrator here. They should have the ability to ban offending member with a simple keystroke. I ban them regularly(daily) on another forum I moderate. Do NOT reply to any member who offers a part and refers you to a friend or family member with your part at discounted price or refers you to an email or website for your purchase. You will get fleeced for sure.
Once again common sense….if you’ve been looking for something, especially here, for a long time then miraculously one appears at a decent price….it’s a scam….

If you think that’s awesome and how did I miss that before….it’s a scam….

if you still have concerns ask someone….not the seller….

common sense…miracles do not happen….people will steal food out of your mouth….use your head for something besides a hat rack….


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Good points!

Remember seeing a 60 Minutes show with con artists and most of them said the key to the Grift was just appeal to the buyers/suckers natural Greed. Then they can't get it quick enough.
That and run the long con with small successful transactions and then when they are trusting increase price/risk.
When we think we have to act fast to catch the Golden Ring, we can get stupid.

My trust level is about $50 for forum transactions and only if the member is known and has interacted in something other than selling.
Johnny come lately need not apply.

Thanks and Stay Safe,
Now there's another guy @Bob stephen who said that I should contact this guy named Christopher at for the parts I am looking for in the WANTED section. It's clearly a scam that I didn't fall for he was a new user with no post history but I emailed the guy anyway for fun to see what he said.

I emailed him and said I heard he had the part I need for sale and if I could see photos. He responded yes he does. I then sent back a response can I see photos of the part first before we make a deal, and... no response back. Lol.
is this save to be on
Hey @KTD ...yes, it's safe here.

We have just encountered a few new members that have been trying to sell non existing parts.

And @manchester1 was looking out for us members, by starting this thread warning us.

The link at the top of the page to is definitely a great reliable parts resource.

@Hent ...the young man that owns is also the owner and sponsor of our beloved forum ! He's a great dude !
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Yesterday at 11:02 PM#5
I've got one or two of them laying around what parts do you need I've got one that's a solid runner also that was on my.bronc be for I lost.intrest in that big old guy would make an easy project for some one
Joined yesterday. I would be careful with this one.