Best Army vid on YouTube

Ha. Thats cool.

I always thought it would be fun to have a bunch of those army guys and stuff in a big sand box and firecrackers... you could like make lil buildings in th sand and jam a firecracker in it and blow part of it up. Stick a firecracker under some of the guys and send em flying.

Never could find many of those army guys... or firecrackers for that matter. lol.
Army men, fire crackers, and the powder taken out of Dad's ought six ammo with plyers. And hot wheels cars with bent axles. Yep. I spent too many days unsupervised. I was always getting army men for christmas and birthdays. They were cheap! :thumbsup:


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Same here Dave.
And fireworks were legal back then.
And Dad reloaded his own shells, so I also had access to gunpowder.
Also would take those wooden strike anywhere matches and cut the tips off. Wrap them tight with masking take. That's kinda fun to get the Germans out of their fox hole.