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  2. Charles S

    YouTube links?

    I can post other links, but not YouTube links; I've tried many times. What's the "secret"? :confused1:
  3. T-Town Mini

    Video of the Day
  4. YOOP

    Uploading pictures to YOUTUBE

    Since the photo section on here is being worked on I've been looking into other alternatives to use. Stumbled on this on youtube.You can upload photos and create slideshows with different effects.Can't just view 1 pic you have to do a slideshow.Did this one with a car I just painted some parts...
  5. Bignate123

    Subscribe to my YouTube

    Subscribe to my YouTube to see all my minibike builds and small engine builds
  6. H / YouTube
  7. D

    Removing Fox Trail Tramp bars

    How do I get these handlebars off? I figured out the forks and the fork lowers, but I can't figure out these bars. I wonder if they're just rusted in the forks? Anybody got any good pics or tips? I've searched YouTube, but I couldn't find anything. I just want to paint or powder this thing...
  8. M

    question for the tav guys

    Hey guys how's it going got my tav from OldMiniBikes today and I can't wait to test this out. My problem is I can't get the back wheel off the tav so I can change my gear from 10 to12. I've watched many YouTube videos and everyone is just pulling them off, but mine seems to be stuck. Someone please...
  9. W

    196 cc clone engine on baja warrior

    On my 2013 warrior, I got the 140 emulsion tube and a .038" main jet. It really helped with the lean condition and surging. I changed out the exhaust for a pipe and the mini RLV-91 muffler. I also got a K&N filter and adapter. I have ordered a 6 degree advance timing key. Next I will get a...
  10. Newoldstock

    Youtube time machine

    One of the great films I love. Some nice person retraced the steps in the plot between today and the late 1940s. Its magic we are in the dark days of post war Viena and then we are in modern Austria to day.... The Third Man: Then and Now (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube
  11. cpt.slow

    Minibikemotovlogs new youtube channel check it out

    I've created a youtube channel and I vlog and ride around towns d talk about mini bike stuff. Enjoy
  12. tippycanoenm

    how to post from youtube

    anyone here tell me how to post a video from youtube? please help:shrug:
  13. W

    Steens Taco F85 Youtube video just for the fun of it !

    Just for kicks I put up a 2 minute video. Enjoy !:wink:
  14. onebadslingshot

    Check Out Dave's YouTube Channel

    Hey guy`s here`s a pretty cool Youtube channel his name is Dave and he`s into building theme mini bikes.He built an awesome John deer bike and is in the process of doing a fire bike.Stop bye his channel he`s going to do a giveaway after he hit`s 1,000 sub`s (He`s at 998).His channel name is...
  15. JayPadilla


    Subscribe to me on Youtube and I'll Sub back ! I like to see mini bikes go karts anything with motors and I have a build up myself! So Sub For Sub!!
  16. F

    Making a headlight mount

    So i have been working on this Tomos Tx50 for a while. This dirt-bike has a 49cc moped engine so it has a built-in dynamo, i might aswell use it! Making the headlight mount (Tomos Tx50) - YouTube
  17. F


    Hello everyone! I'm a new guy here and a while back i decided to make my own Youtube channel. I have uploaded a couple of videos already of me going out on a ride on my minibikes and pocketbike. I recently bought a 1997 Tomos TX50 for $30!! And i am going to upload the progress of the...
  18. M

    my first youtube race

    TCT Performance mini bikes - YouTube
  19. 5

    Youtube Guru needs your help !!!

  20. bigevilone2

    Best Army vid on YouTube

    This is great ! :thumbsup: Army Men - Plastic Apocalypse - YouTube