blue point b and s engine

Are you trying to say that it is worth alot of money? Because its pretty old, but I couldn't find any info on it on the internet
nothin on google, ill just rebuild it and compare to some standerd 3hp briggs, have u ever seen one before? i found it around the property in a old taco
sory i cant figure out how to put cell fone pics on the computer. it just looks like a standerd 3 horse but the shroud is silver with hand painted briggs logo with blue point racing, and the clutch is red and chrome.


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Down the photos to a computer or use a photobucket app to post them to a photobucket account.....then a simple click to copy and paste to a post.
ill put a pic of it up for u guys to see some other time. but does it take oway value if i touch up the hand painted briggs logo on the shroud?
but my email doesent have a fone number
you dont need a ph number to your email . just send the pic in a text and where it askd for your # put in the addy of your email . you need to go to the abc part where you can input letters on the line . not sure how yours work but most list it on the screen and you just hit the button . then input myemail@what ever .bla hit send and off it goes . of course you do need to put in your real email addy not the junker i have listed . :thumbsup:
I dont think its anything special. Probrobly just somebodys way of customizing the engine when they fixed it up. The blue point racing may have been the shop that modified it but if its not noticeably modified other than the paint job Id say its just somebodys handiwork