1. W

    How much oil in a 3hp??

    No dip stick on the oil plug, How much oil dose a 3HP Briggs take?
  2. W

    What Year 3hp Briggs?

    Why cant I post Pics???? What year is this briggs 3hp?? Model 80202 Type 1782 01 Code 85082903
  3. MiniDan99

    Chain doesnt line up: Western Flyer SS300 gets a 3hp Predator

    This is a photo of a bike with the same conversion - don't have a photo of the chain side of the bike. I have a SS300 that needed an engine....so the 3hp Predator seemed the logical choice, but the chain doesn't line up. It almost looks like I need add a jackshaft to make it work. The engine is...
  4. Zooming993

    Briggs & Stratton 3HP (80202) Engine Shroud/Housing

    Looking for a B&S housing (model No. 80202) with a manufacturing date between 1965 thru 1967. Thanks
  5. AboveUpNorth

    Backwards stamp on 3hp engine shroud

    What in the he'll is this doing stamped backwards? Have any of you seen this before? it came on the Sensation Mike Bike that I purchased this morning.
  6. S

    1980s 3hp Briggs help. Looking for a clutch!

    Hello everyone. Im looking for some advice on fitting a clutch to my 3hp. I got this from a lpcal person and it was fitted with an alcon water pump. Ive removed the pump to take a look at the output shaft. Its 2inches long, is part threaded and has no keyway. Im confident enough to...
  7. S

    Briggs 3HP For Sale

    Here's a clean Briggs 3HP engine. I was sold this as part of a frame/engine deal, with the engine misrepresented as a 5HP Briggs. Obviously, it's a 3HP, not a 5. I was never given pics of the engine. Was told it runs good. But I need a 5HP. Comes with clutch. My loss is your gain. $50 +...
  8. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh (Craftsman) 3hp Sidepoppers for sale.

    Pulled these off working lawn edgers 30 years ago, and been sitting in the shed. I realize I have a hoarding problem with Tecumseh, and this is the first step to getting more needed parts, (thought I was gonna say recovery? ha, your so funny): Their gonna need a going thru but nice cheap...
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    I'm stumped: 3hp no start

    This is the engine for my build-off bike. The engine will not fire. I got one backfire with starting fluid and another one ignited fuel vapors coming from the tank cap (never had that happen before:doah:). Here's what I checked: 1. Spark--hurt when my hand got too close to the spark tester, so...
  10. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Detailed Rebuild How-to: Briggs 3hp Cousins

    Starting a thread on these two kissing cousins. One is a 64 (???) 3hp and the other is a 74 3hp. Both are points engines, and have decent cylinder bores. I was able to source two 4 bolt PTO side covers. I also picked up two 2 quart tanks/carbs. These will be my physical therapy once I'm off...
  11. danford1

    Wanted:Carb and gas tank for a 3hp Briggs.

    I have a 3hp Briggs and I need a carb and gas tank. What do you have and how much do you want for it? Danford1
  12. M

    Need some help 3HP B&S throttle set up

    I got the motor all cleaned up repainted, removed carbon build, grinded out a key way for the clutch, threaded the shaft to drop in a bolt but now I'm a bit stuck. I have no clue how to properly set the throttle or if I need all the linages and spring that are on there already any help would...
  13. Fisher1983

    Briggs 3hp carbs

    I have read that a 5hp carb is the same as a 3hp carb. Is this true? If it is, would the 5hp rotary choke carb fit into a 3hp old style deep gas tank?
  14. J

    1961 Briggs 3hp

    runs great, starts first pull, looks to be all original $150 shipped
  15. 1stBxMopar

    3HP Kawasaki Engine- FA130D

    Engine is in excellent condition, has electronic ignition and is very reliable, starts one pull and runs perfect. 3/4" threaded shaft, low hours. Included is a 12 tooth Comet clutch for #35 chain. $200. plus shipping...
  16. Fisher1983

    Briggs 3hp 80202 with custom paint

    I have a 1992 Briggs 3hp for sale, rebuilt carb, no governor, hand made choke actuator, custom painted Burnt Copper Metallic. Decarboned, super clean, runs excellent. Came off an edger with little use. Kool-Bore still has crosshatching! New side cover gasket. Plain bearing 80202 engine with 5/8...
  17. Bignate123

    Briggs 3hp carb help

    I need help finding a diafram for a 3hp carb
  18. weldkingoc

    Vintage briggs and stratton external dimension 2hp vs 3hp

    Since i dont have one here to measure i was curious if the outside overall height of a 3 hp vintage (say mid-late 60's) briggs and stratton motor (complete) is the same as a 2hp same era briggs. Is outside same or is 2 hp smaller or is it just internals that differ? If 2 hp is in fact smaller...
  19. B

    5hp carb on a 3hp?

    Not familiar with Briggs , cans I use a 5hp carb and tank on a 3hp engine? Thanks
  20. capguncowboy

    Clinton 3hp engine

    Clinton 3 hp engine. Has compression and spark but I haven't attempted to use it. Gas tank in good shape. I'll throw in an NOS muffler. I picked this up and just never got around to using it. $125 obo plus shipping