cat slingshot sissy bar


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Do you have a photo ?

Size tubing ?

Measurements and or bends ?

I ask because I started to make sissy bars about a year ago out of Steel OR Polished Stainless steel.

Even if someone could supply detailed pics and measurements I could make it. ?

One of my handmade sissy bars >

Found this on the net;

The sissybar is made from 5/8" tubing, about 1/16" wall tubing.

From the top of top "U" bend to center of lower bends it's 16" measured from the back of sissybar.

On the bottomside of the lower bend, the lower tube length is 9" from center of bend to end of tube.

Sissybar is 5" wide just below "U" bend, 6-3/4" at lower bends, and 6-1/8" at end of tubing.

The angle of the sissybar is 60 degrees on a protractor.

Mounting holes are one drill size over ¼", and spaced at ½" and 6-7/8" from the end of tubing.

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Banned - Must pay $500
can someone post a pic of a cat slingshot sissy bar for this guy. thanks.. if you do a search you can find one on this forum. thanks.
I think I have it, If you say this info is correct ?

Is it 25" from top center to tail ? Measuring from outside along the entire bar?
Making the bar 55 - 56 " inches over all...?
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I bent my own up on the Cat Hustler. The whole seat deal was more involved, so angles had to match the seat assy for mounting.

Also, the original method of drilling through the bars is why they're hard to find now. If you do get one made, weld mounting plates across them to coincide with your frame mounting holes and sandwich it all together with the seat base. Way stronger, looks original.
The one pictured above is for the Eliminator/Dominator. I can can snap some pics and take some measurements for you later tonight.:thumbsup:


Banned - Must pay $500
The one pictured above is for the Eliminator/Dominator. I can can snap some pics and take some measurements for you later tonight.:thumbsup:

Look forward to your post later on.

Need measurement of full length.

Need from where the top " U " ends to center of bend.

Angle of bend and how wide the U is.

Center of bend to tail, and bolt hole placement.

How wide at base bends.

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Guys.....We're gonna do one better. Not surprisingly I have some original Cat sissy bars that have been repaired.

This includes a Slingshot bar AND the elusive Duster bar. I have contacted bikebudy and plans are underway for me to ship the 2 styles to him to get them as accurate as possible.

This is very exciting news to say the least.

I will keep you all updated :thumbsup:


Banned - Must pay $500

:laugh: No worry, I'm not trying to get rich quick.

Did some homework, Thanks to all who provided pics to Google Images :thumbsup:
Fantastic Bikes !



In the Add the bar top looks more narrow ? is it ?


? Unknown ?

Looks like a Cat_Hustler

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Yes the original Duster sissy bar is quite narrow. Here is my original bike...

When my other sissy bar arrives you will realize just how sharp of a radius it is. :scared: